This Cool Blog Compares David Bowies Style to Colorful Sea Slugs

first_img PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site For more Bowie-meets-sea slug creative inspiration, visit Bowiebranchia on Tumblr.More on’s First WTF Fashion Trend Is Giant BackpacksNike to Release Superman-Inspired LeBron 3 ‘SuperBron’ ShoeThousands Treated for Bluebottle Stings in Australia Stay on targetcenter_img David Bowie may no longer be with us, but his style legacy lives on. The musician’s eccentric fashion taste even inspired one fan, who also loves marine life, to make a creative blog dedicated to Bowie and colorful sea slugs.But, how could a starlet and a water critter be so connected? According to Tracy Dendy, a New-York based designer who founded the Bowiebranchia blog, they make the perfect match due to their vibrant appearances.Dendy created the blog after a co-worker noted how these radiant sea slugs resembled Bowie’s cool outfits,  PBS News Hour reported. Four years later, Bowiebranchia has more than 8,000 followers on Tumblr.Photo Credit: Bowiebranchia/TumblrAccording to the description of the blog, visitors can see photos of “Nudibranchia or other opisthobranchia compared to the various looks of David Bowie.” There are over 40 images that pair Bowie with these sea slugs, and the side-by-side pictures really blur the lines between the two. From lady bug-like dots to bold patterns, Bowie and these sea slugs make quite the pair.Photo Credit: Bowiebranchia/TumblrThere is actually scientific reasoning behind some sea slugs’ colorful exteriors: They use them to warn predators about their potentially toxic insides.Anne Winters, an evolutionary biologist, told PBS News Hour that these sea slugs product gross chemicals or eat poisonous animals, including cnidarians and sponges, to protect themselves. Similar to Bowie, these sea slugs try to stand out to make a statement and ward off all the haters.“They’re both trying to stand out,” Winters told PBS News Hour. “He’s trying to make a statement and get recognized for his individuality and his music, and nudibranchs are trying to get recognized too.”Photo Credit: Bowiebranchia/TumblrThe big question though is what would Bowie himself think of this blog? “I’m fairly certain he would have loved it, actually,” Paul Trynka, a Bowie biographer and journalist told PBS News Hour.“The era we’re discussing — the glam era — was a very, very competitive one. Bowie had to be successful. He was kind of Darwinian in that sense,” Trynka said. “Survival of the fittest is a fairly brutal concept. In the same way, Bowie could be very brutal and competitive.”last_img read more

5 Trapped Men Rescued From Cyclops Cave in Virginia

first_imgStay on target Emergency crews recently rescued five men who were trapped inside Cyclops Cave, a deep underground area located in southwest Virginia, after the group was unable to leave due to bad weather.On Sunday afternoon, crews confirmed that all five men were retrieved out of the cave, WJHL News reported. The men, who were between the ages of 34 to 59 years old, were suffering from fatigue and hypothermia after being stuck in the underground area since Saturday.Russell County EMA director Jess Powers told WJHL that six men entered the cave yesterday, and intended to camp there. Once they arrived there, heavy rain reportedly saturated the space, and made it difficult for the group to exit by themselves.Thankfully, one man in the group was able to get out of the cave and call 911 to alert authorities, CBS News noted. Retrieving the five men wasn’t an easy process though: On Sunday, the rescue operation began at 10:30 a.m. EST and wrapped up at approximately 6 p.m. EST. Officials said that the men were 120 feet underground and didn’t come with the right type of climbing equipment.Remaining 3rd, 4th, and 5th men all rescued. All have been rescued successfully at this time. Rescue personnel retrieving equipment and beginning demobilization efforts. Very proud of all rescue personnel from multiple local and state groups and agencies.— Jeff Stern (@SternJD) April 28, 2019According to Powers, Cyclops Cave received its name for its “bubble-like formation,” also known as the “eye” of the Cyclops, and remains a popular destination for explorers in the state. However, Cyclops Cave is on private property, so people don’t have permission to walk around or camp there, CNN reported.Powers said four of the men were taken to a nearby hospital, while the other man was taken to Bristol Regional Medical Center in Tennessee.More on Rescued From California Canyon Turns Out to Be…Not a PuppyMore Than 40 Animals Rescued From Gaza ‘Zoo of Sorrows’Watch: Florida Woman Rescues Snake Stuck in a Beer Can Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferNASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This Weekend last_img read more