Brendan Rodgers claims conspiracy against him after Liverpool edge out Villa

first_img Two goals from Daniel Sturridge and one from James Milner eased the pressure on Rodgers in a 3-2 win over Aston Villa, for whom Rudy Gestede scored twice. Rodgers has seen his position come under increasing scrutiny after some poor performances but he thinks there is an active campaign being waged against him. “I am pretty confident that there is a group of people that don’t want me here to be the manager,” he said. “Sometimes we haven’t lost games and the hysteria around it is pretty clear that there is maybe something else going on from behind. “I am talking about people outside of here (the club). “In all competitions we have lost less games than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. “We have lost two games, which is equivalent to Tottenham and Manchester United. “The hysteria around ourselves is interesting to note. Myself and the players stay very calm and work very hard knowing we will get our rewards. “We are very much together as a team and the supporters were fantastic today. “As supporters and players we got the victory. We are five points off the top and still with a lot of progress to make.” Rodgers’ comments suggest he is unhappy with his treatment in the media. Many former Liverpool players have been highly critical, although Rodgers would not offer any hint of who he was referring to. Whatever his argument with outside influences, there is no doubt Liverpool have received a boost from the return of Sturridge, who scored his first goals since March after a hip operation. “It is not rocket science. The last time we scored three goals was when he started against Tottenham (in February),” Rodgers added. “If you want to compete at the top you need quality. Daniel has shown in his time he is a real top talent. “I thought he was outstanding and I was disappointed he didn’t get a hat-trick. “His overall game and touch were outstanding and he had a great combination with Danny Ings. “That is the first time they have started and they showed that understanding that good players have.” While Liverpool are only five points adrift of leaders Manchester United, Villa are stuck in the bottom three. “If you score two at Anfield you expect to take something from the game but we didn’t do that,” said manager Tim Sherwood. “That is a major disappointment but it is something I expected. “It is a young group of players we acquired. The club decided it was the best way to go forward and I am very privileged to have the chance to work with them but it comes with its ups and downs.” Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claimed there are external forces at work with an agenda against him but he refused to say who he thought was behind it or why. Press Associationlast_img read more

Nikias announces new security measures

first_imgRead the full text here:Dear USC community,The safety of USC students, faculty, and staff on campus is a top priority for me and for my leadership team.  Like you, I was unsettled and troubled by last week’s shooting.  While the situation was resolved quickly and without physical harm to students, faculty, or staff, an event such as this is a sobering reminder that we must work constantly to ensure the safety of our university community.  My administration has taken a number of steps over the last few years that have significantly improved the security of our campus and neighborhoods, but this incident made it clear that more must be done.Let me begin by recounting what we believe led to this incident.  A student group held a Halloween party on campus and used a third-party promoter that advertised the event throughout Los Angeles, even though the event was open only to students with student IDs.  As a result, many non-students arrived on campus who were not admitted to the party.  I want to emphasize that the USC students who organized the party never intended for this situation to develop.  A disagreement took place between two non-students outside the event that led to the shooting.  This incident does not reflect our neighborhood safety, but instead was a case of the wrong people being drawn to campus by a promoter.  The measures I will describe are intended to prevent that circumstance from arising again.Immediately following the incident, I directed USC’s leadership to conduct an expedited review of our campus security and event policies.  After consulting with students and community leaders, we agreed on some key changes that I would like to share with you.Effective immediately, we are making a number of changes to our policies related to the planning, approval, and hosting of events.Use of outside event promoters will no longer be permitted for USC social events in university facilities or on Fraternity and Sorority Row.All future student event applications will undergo heightened review by Student Affairs.At on-campus events where IDs will be checked, USC Department of Public Safety officers will be responsible for checking IDs of all individuals attending on-campus events.The following additional measures to improve campus safety will start to roll out immediately and be fully implemented when classes resume after winter break, on January 14, 2013.  I emphasize in the strongest possible terms that we remain and always will be a campus that welcomes all our neighbors for recreation, entertainment, education, and the community programs that have made USC a proud University Park neighbor for 132 years.After-hours access to the University Park campus between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. will be restricted to students, faculty, staff, and their guests, including guests at university events, seven days a week.Anyone who enters campus after 9:00 p.m. will be required to show appropriate ID prior to entrance, including students, faculty and staff, and their guests.Showing appropriate ID prior to campus entrance also may be required during weekends when the number of access points into the campus is limited, with the exception of days featuring large campus events, such as football games or the Festival of Books.We will increase the number of Public Safety officers and yellow jacket ambassadors on the perimeter of campus, at entrances, and on campus, as we already have in the neighborhoods around the campus.We will have security personnel on site 24-hours a day to check IDs at the entrances to USC residence halls on the University Park campus and will further secure all other entrances to those buildings.We will install additional security cameras on the perimeter and at campus entrances.These new policies and safety measures are important for the entire campus community, including our neighbors who spend a great deal of time on our campus.  Each of these actions builds on the extensive safety improvement efforts that we have undertaken over the past several years and that have resulted in a significant decrease in crime incidents in the surrounding neighborhood.I feel very strongly that the safety and security of our entire campus community outweighs small inconveniences such as showing an ID when we enter the campus at night or on weekends.  I appreciate your support and cooperation as we strive to protect and enhance the remarkable campus life and environment that is so special to the USC community and our neighbors.Sincerely,C. L. Max Nikias In response to last week’s Halloween shooting, President C.L. Max Nikias announced new campus safety measures Tuesday morning, including restricting access to campus from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and requiring anyone entering campus after-hours to show appropriate identification.Several changes to event-planning policies went into effect immediately. The new policies include banning the use of outside event promoters for all social events, both on-campus and on The Row. All student event applications will also be subject to a higher level of review by Student Affairs, and Dept. of Public Safety officers are now responsible for checking IDs of anyone attending on-campus events.Nikias also announced several policies that the university will begin implementing now, but will not go into full effect until classes resume after winter break. Access to the University Park campus will be restricted to students, faculty, staff and their guests between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. seven days a week, and anyone who wants to enter campus during those hours will be required to show identification to DPS officers. Anyone who wants to enter campus during the day on weekends could also be required to provide a valid form of ID.Security personnel will also check identification of students entering residence halls on campus, and DPS will increase the number of their officers and yellow jacket ambassadors on and around campus. The university will also install more security cameras around the perimeter of campus and near entrances to campus.last_img read more