What questions will they ask me?

first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. What questions will they ask me?On 16 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Iam in my first HR role, which I moved across into from an admin post, and havebeen made redundant. Can you give some advice on what HR-related questions Icould expect to receive at interviews so I can prepare accordingly?CliveSussams, recruitment consultant, Malpas Flexible LearningAsyou are at a very early stage of your career and have been performingadministration duties, typical interview questions will focus on system andanalysis skills, together with the depth of your HR knowledge, including theextent of advice you give on a daily basis. You should emphasis your HR careeraspirations and, if you are not already studying, give details of your plan toattain CIPD membership.PeterLewis, consultant, Chiumento Questionsthat you may well be asked and should be well prepared for may include:Whathave been your main achievements in your career to date?Whatare your strengths and weaknesses?Howeasy did you find it to make the transition from administration to HR?Whatwere the biggest challenges that you have faced in your last role?Whathave been your greatest achievements in your last HR position?Whatrelevant HR experience and achievements can you bring to us?Whatareas of HR are you particularly interested in? Whatdo you think are the main employment issues facing the HR function?Howproactive do you think the role of HR should be within a company? Why?Ifwe offered you a position, what would be the main goals that you would setyourself in the first three months?Wouldyou be interested in undertaking an HR-related qualification?LouiseWhite, consultant, EJ Human ResourcesYoudon’t say how long you were in your HR role for, so it is difficult to gaugethe level of questioning you might come up against. Assuming that you arelooking for a junior officer role, I wouldn’t expect too many heavily technicalquestions at this level. Attitude at this stage is more important and futureemployers will want to know that you have a strong customer service ethic, aflexible attitude and a willingness to learn. Iwould suggest that you break your previous role down into categories and thinkof examples of work you have done in each area. This way you will be able toget across the depth of your experience if asked specific questions. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more