Twitter announces image upload feature improved search

first_imgYesterday it was expected that Twitter would launch its own image service making it even simpler to include images with a tweet. At the same time, such a move would destroy the userbase of any 3rd party service offering Twitter users image uploads.Today, Twitter has indeed announced an image service integrated into the vanilla Twitter experience, but it isn’t doing it alone. Instead, Photobucket is being used to handle and store the images. From a user’s point of view, though, it shouldn’t matter who does it. The point is, Twitter just announced image upload functionality.While the image upload feature isn’t live yet, and won’t be for several weeks, an improved Twitter Search is. It promises to not only bring up more relevant result, but also images and videos alongside any text results. We assume this means if it brings up a tweet with an image in, or a link to a Twitter account, it will show images from that tweet or user as well.Finally, Twitter has also done a deal with Mozilla to offer Firefox with Twitter. Basically it adds Twitter to the search option in the browser via the address bar. You can either download the modified version, or just install the Twitter add-on for your existing version.Read more at the Twitter and TechCrunchMatthew’s OpinionPartnering with a service that already knows how to handle millions of images makes a lot of sense for Twitter. The fact it is integrated into the main service means most Twitter accounts will start using it. That in turn means a lot of data to deal with, and a real headache for Twitter on its own. With this partnership that headache is removed, and users will get a reliable image upload experience.You do have to feel a bit sorry for all the other services this will impact negatively, but then building your service around another is always going to run the risk of being made redundant eventually.last_img read more