Holiday Exercise

first_imgThe holiday season can be a challenging time for those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle.From office parties to classic family get-togethers, it seems every event brings an endless array of delicious home-cooked dishes. It’s easy to see why so many Americans relinquish their commitments to eat smarter around the holidays. One of the best ways to fight off holiday meal regret is by exercising on a regular basis, said Alison Berg, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension nutrition and health specialist.“It’s much harder to lose weight than it is to prevent weight gain,” she said.Making time for physical activity is often easier said than done. With lower temperatures and decreased daylight hours, the temptation to skip out on a good daily exercise session is tougher than ever.Try avoiding the regret later by applying these recommended tips from UGA Extension today:Work smarter, not harder. Don’t wait until the new year to set new goals for living healthier.The No. 1 obstacle to regular exercise for many people is time.“People have really hectic schedules, or they’re often going to visit family and friends, and exercise just isn’t at the top of their priority list,” Berg said.If setting aside a full hour for exercise just doesn’t sound possible for you, try finding regular points in the day and use those breaks to get in a quick 10 or 15 minutes of activity. “Just doing a little bit can really help you not have as much to get rid of at the end of the holiday season,” Berg said. “Try to get additional physical activity when you’re on the go. If you can’t make a meaningful exercise session, try to make sure you’re getting in some extra steps.”Berg suggests small measures, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. “If you go to one of those big-box retailers or a department store to do some shopping, before you get your cart or pick up your first item, do a lap around the perimeter of the store just to get those extra steps in before you start shopping,” she said.Know your resources. For some people, getting to the gym for a daily workout can be too stressful or intimidating.For others, hefty membership fees and the time spent getting to the nearest gym make it unattainable.If that sounds like you, consider building a workout plan that can be done completely within the comfort of your home.Many people mistakenly believe that exercising at home requires the purchase of bulky, often expensive, equipment, but that’s not necessarily the case.“There are lots of apps now that can give you little 10-minute bursts of something you can do with your own body weight, or even just a quick cardiovascular workout that doesn’t require any equipment,” Berg said.Don’t go it alone. Research has shown that having someone to hold you accountable for a goal will greatly increase your chances of success.If you’re going to give at-home workouts a try, consider finding a family member or friend to hold you accountable for your progress.If that doesn’t work, try finding an online trainer through one of the many apps available to download at little to no cost. You can also use the sharing function of these apps to share your progress on social media sites or in closed social media groups specific to that app to get virtual social support.Another creative suggestion Berg offered is making better use of the holiday time you spend with people you typically don’t see.Rather than sitting around in someone’s home to talk, try going on a walk together to catch up on life.Avoid getting too “wrapped up.” If you decide to brave the weather to get in some physical activity, make sure your clothing choices don’t send you heading back home to change.Be sure that your head, hands, and feet stay extra warm and covered. Rather than donning your thickest, warmest coat, try multiple thin layers of clothing that are easier to move in or remove if you start to get too warm.Develop a healthy reward system. The greatest reward you can get from regular exercise is the benefit of living a healthier lifestyle, but if that’s not enough for you, consider adding another incentive.Whether it’s a fun holiday activity on your next day off or just an extra serving of your grandma’s sweet potato casserole, make sure you maintain a good balance in choosing your reward.There’s certainly no shortage of treats around the holiday season, but you can avoid the regret of overindulgence if you have a clear system in place to help you gauge what your hard work has earned you.Ellen Hallman is a student in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.last_img read more

Governor Douglas announces $300,000 in brownfield grants

first_imgSource: Governor’s Office Governor Jim Douglas today announced that $300,000 in brownfield grants have been awarded to help revitalize former industrial and commercial properties in Barre, Brattleboro, Burlington, Johnson Village, Springfield and Wells River.Brownfields are properties where expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant.“The brownfield program is a great example of our ability to balance environmental protection and economic development,” Governor Douglas said. “Redevelopment of brownfields properties stimulates local economy by getting unproductive properties back on the tax rolls, strengthening downtowns and creating jobs.”The brownfield reuse program at the Department of Environmental Conservation has awarded almost $1 million in grants in the last three years to 20 projects across Vermont.The following projects received grants:In Barre: $20,000 for assessment work at an old granite shed on Granite Street. ReCycle North of Burlington hopes to reclaim the building to expand its current reuse and job skill training operations.In Brattleboro: $15,000 for assessment work at the former TriState Auto building located on the New England Youth Theater campus for the future home of FulcrumArts. FulcrumArts, which won the 2007 Brattleboro Development Credit Corp.’s business plan contest, plans to create a downtown arts facility.In Burlington: $100,000 to remove contaminated debris and sediment at the former Moran plant, along the waterfront.In Johnson Village: Up to $11,000 for a corrective action plan at the former Vermont Electric Co-Op facility on School Street. Housing Vermont and Lamoille Housing Partnership are cooperating to create 24 units of affordable housing for seniors and families.Additionally, there are plans to build a distribution center for a local organic farming group.In Springfield: Up to $94,000 to remove the chip shed and boiler house building and other cleanup at the former Fellows Gear Shaper site on River Street.In Wells River: $60,000 for indoor air sampling, surface cleaning and removal of underground storage tanks at the former Adams paper mill on Main Street, which will eventually become warehouse space and general commercial space for lease.About the Brownfield Reuse Initiative Program: The Department encourages brownfields reuse as a means of achieving positive environmental and human health impacts while advancing sound land-use practices.  Reutilization of historically productive properties supports sustainable development trends and promotes community and economic growth.  An acre of brownfields redevelopment preserves 4.5 acres of open space.The Department of Environmental Conservation’s initiative comprises several programs and provides one-stop shopping where brownfields developers can obtain the tools needed to deliver projects in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.  Most projects can be completed within a 9- to 18-month time frame, and work can be expedited to meet developer needs.DEC takes a holistic approach to project management, providing technical assistance with the purchase and cleanup of properties; securing financial assistance to leverage developer investment; and coordinating the involvement of related programs offered by regional planning commissions, the state’s Agency of Commerce and Community Development and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.Additional brownfields assistance programs available in Vermont include regional planning commission grants for environmental investigation, and grants and low-interest loans for brownfields cleanup through the Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s brownfields revitalization fund.last_img read more

Chilean Submarine Force Turns 100

first_imgBy Carolina Contreras/Diálogo August 02, 2017 Chilean President Michelle Bachelet led the official ceremony on July 4th, commemorating the centenary of the Chilean Navy’s Submarine Force. On that date, 100 years ago, the Chilean flag was raised for the first time over six H-class submarines in Boston, Massachusetts, birthing the submarine service within the Chilean Navy. “Our Navy went from that foundational moment to today’s modern, highly professional, and technologically advanced fleet,” said President Bachelet during the official ceremony, held at the Submarine Force’s facilities in Talcahuano. “With each new acquisition of resources or each submarine overhaul, we have continued evolving,” said Chilean Navy Rear Admiral Hernán Miller, the commander in chief of the Submarine Force. As it turns 100, the force has four units: two 209-class submarines, the Thompson (SS-20) and the Simpson (SS-21); and two Scorpène-class subs, the Carrera (SS-22) and the O’Higgins (SS-23). “These submersibles are considered the most modern in South America and are recognized for their stealth, high capacity for detection, and great defensive power. Added to that is the submarine base; a training center with a force of approximately 480 personnel.” The celebrations were attended by 12 delegations from foreign navies invited as guests: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, France, India, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The attendees also participated in the symposium “Challenges for Undersea Operations in the 21st Century” in Concepción, Chile. The goal was to seek a knowledge exchange on the operations and operating capacities the navies present. “It was high-level,” Rear Adm. Miller said. “We have to think about the future, about replenishing our units [submersibles] to increase our capacities.” Exercise Teamwork South 2017 “A force that is able to meet the challenges,” is what President Bachelet proposed as one of the goals that the Submarine Force is pursuing through its systematic training. Thus, since 1984, the Chilean Navy has been participating in various exercises, such as Teamwork North in the United States, Marcot in Canada, RIMPAC in the South Pacific, and, since 2007, as the third fleet in the Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative in the United States. “We are well-established in these exercises, which are growing and taking on a degree of complexity,” Rear Adm. Miller said. “That’s why, since 2008, the RIMPAC exercise has included rescue and salvage training, called ‘CHILEMAR,’ for wrecked submarines. These consist of the [underwater] docking of rescue vehicles when the depth is over 150 meters, with personnel transfer, and also with a process of searching for wrecked submarines.” To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Submarine Force, the Chilean Navy hosted Teamwork South (TWS), held June 30th to July 12th, with the participation of Chilean and U.S. military personnel deployed in a range of naval exercises along the coast, from the city of Talcahuano to the region of Coquimbo. TWS was led by Rear Admiral Ignacio Mardones, the commander in chief of the Chilean Naval Squadron, which had submarines and four oil tankers participating. Aircraft were also employed in the training. U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Sean Buck, the commander of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet, led the U.S. forces. These forces were joined by the destroyer USS Chafee (DDG 90), two MH-60R helicopters, a submarine, two P-8A Orion planes, and personnel from U.S. 4th Fleet, Destroyer Squadron 40, and Combined Task Force 46. The exercise sought to increase training and interoperability with other units and other navies. It was a maritime event that included pre-established scenarios focused on how to respond to events through the use of naval forces in cooperative maritime security operations. Its objective was to maintain accessibility, increase interoperability, and improve permanent alliances for increasing regional security, and promoting peace and stability in South America. “In the United States deployment demands the highest quality, not only in material but also in our crews and our training,” Rear Adm. Miller said. This exercise also served as training for the Chilean Navy’s participation as commander of the naval component in next year’s “RIMPAC 2018” to be held near Hawaii. New resources One of the upcoming challenges for the Submarine Force has to do with two 209-class submersibles acquired in the 1980s that will need to be replaced, as they are nearing the end of their life cycle. The Chilean Ministry of Defense has given the green light to conduct studies to begin the selection process for a new class of oceanic diesel-powered submarines that will replace the Thompson (SS-20) and Simpson (SS-21) models, according to an official press release. The press release also stated that in 2016, the Project Evaluation Division of the Undersecretariat of Defense took notice of the need to study the project specifications and cost estimates for these units so that it could issue an international call to tender bids. It is anticipated that the Chilean Navy could have new replacements by 2024. The new submarines will be a demonstration of the Chilean Navy’s interest in having next-generation vessels that meet today’s new requirements and are outfitted with technology which enables them to keep strengthening the nation’s naval power, contributing to the preservation of its sovereignty and maritime interests.last_img read more

Closing the awareness gap and communicating the credit union difference

first_img“Credit unions are small and less secure than banks.” Credit unions do not have the federal insurance that banks do, which has caused misconceptions among consumers about credit unions for some time. Deposits with credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), which offers the same type of coverage that banks have. Credit unions are held to the same regulations as banks and often times face more restrictions on their investments and loans. “Credit unions are primarily for people in need.” Contrary to this belief, anyone can join a credit union. As mentioned above, each credit union has a commonality between its members. However, this does not mean that members have to be in need of financial, medical or professional support. Through education and awareness, the goal is to help debunk misconceptions about credit unions for non-credit union members and to shed light on the truth about the credit union difference. Credit unions can take part in the effort to “close the gap” through every interaction with members and non-members alike.The entire webinar was recorded and is available for viewing by all registered subscribers of Engagement Builder at One-third of all U.S. citizens are currently members of a credit union. However, most have little to no idea what a credit union actually is and cannot correctly articulate how a credit union differs from a bank. For non-members, the lack of awareness is more acute.CUNA recently launched a Consumer Awareness Initiative to conduct nationwide research and help the industry create top of mind consumer awareness of and belief in credit unions as the best option in financial services. Myles Bristowe, vice president of marketing strategy and leader of Engagement Builder for PSCU, was invited to sit on the Consumer Awareness Advisory Group made up of a diverse cross-section of marketing leaders from various sectors of the credit union system.  The findings from the consumer research revealed a number of surprises and glaring inconsistencies in the way credit unions have been positioning themselves. These findings undoubtedly contribute to the sub-10 percent market share numbers credit unions are working to improve, despite having over 110 million U.S. members.On March 8, 2017, the Engagement Builder team hosted a webinar to share the provocative findings of the research with special guest speakers, Douglas Kiker, chief strategic communications officer for CUNA, and Graeme Trayner, vice president of the Brands and Communications practice at Greenberg, Quinlan and Rosner. Over 400 credit union leaders and marketers participate in the webinar.The research findings shared during the webinar revealed that credit unions are widely trusted by consumers and are best known for good rates, especially on car loans. However, there are several “myths” that consumers believe about credit unions:“I am not eligible to join a credit union.” The biggest difference between banks and credit unions is that a credit union serves a specific group of people or community. Criteria can include where someone lives, their profession, college affiliation or religious beliefs. With so many credit unions available today, non-members need to understand that eligibility guidelines are much broader than they might think. Consumers should conduct their own research to find a credit union that would be the best fit for their needs. center_img “Credit unions have limited ATMs and branches, which translates into limited access to money.” Credit unions are cooperative in nature, meaning they work together to provide the best options for all members. Credit union members have access to shared banking networks without incurring fees and can utilize sister credit unions to perform banking activities at other locations. The options are not limited, just simply different from those offered by a traditional bank. 158SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Duane Hogg Duane Hogg is a digital strategist and credit union storyteller, creating content that compels Millennials to not only think but also act. In addition to content marketing for the Make … Web: Detailslast_img read more

US election 2020: Inside the White House on election night

first_imgAfterwards Adams flew back to Washington with his colleagues, and a charter bus dropped them off at the White House. “It was eerily quiet,” he says. “There was nobody there, celebrating.” When he heard about the party that Trump planned for the White House this evening, Adams was not pleased. “It rankles,” Adams says. – Advertisement –last_img

Property chiefs unite in BIDs funding row

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McKinney Earns All-American Honors From D3 Hoops announced its list of All-Americans, with junior Wes McKinney of Batesville (earning fourth team honors.)McKinney becomes the first Hanover men’s basketball player to receive national honors from D3Hoops. He was also named to the D3Hoops First Team All-Region, the program’s first such award.The junior is not only an All-American on the court, but also in the classroom as he also earned second team academic All-American honors from the College Sports Information Directors of America back in the beginning of February.Hanover made its deepest run ever in the NCAA National Tournament, advancing the Sectional Championship, or better known as the “Elite Eight.” The Batesville native was an integral piece in the deep tournament run, as he averaged over 21 points per contest in the four-game stretch, while also hitting the game winning shot at the buzzer in HC’s Sweet 16 victory at No. 18 Hope.For the season, McKinney averaged 18.7 points and 8.3 rebounds per game, as he was named the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Year. He also surpassed 1,000 career points back on Feb. 8, in a home win over Franklin.McKinney has also earned first team accolades from the HCAC and the National Association of Basketball Coaches in the Great Lakes district.The Panthers finished the season with a 26-4 overall record. Hanover finished HCAC play with a 16-2 mark, winning the regular season title, before adding a conference tournament championship later on.Courtesy of WRBI’s Jack Smith and Hanover Athletics.last_img read more

NHC: 80% Chance of Tropical Depression Forming in the Gulf

first_imgIt has been so quiet in the tropics that we almost forgot it was hurricane season in Florida.Now there are rumblings that a named storm could pop up fueled by the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the week.According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, there’s a 80% chance that a tropical depression could form by the end of the week in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida. If it develops into a storm it will be named Tropical Storm Barry. The increased odds that it will develop are due to warm water temperatures near the panhandle. The system is expected to bring us wet weather.last_img read more

Pattaya Sport Club Golf Schedule – September 20, 2019 – October…

first_imgValley View HackersGreen Valley Green Valley The EmeraldBuraphaKhao Kheow Apple’s IrishPattavia Khao KheowBurapha Growling Swan TBA Treasure HillCrystal Bay Cafe Kronborg GreenwoodThe Emerald Green Valley Tropical GolfTreasure Hill Lewiinski’sSiam Old Coures Green ValleyGreen ValleyGreen Valley Siam Country PhoenixGreen ValleyBurapha GreenwoodTreasure HillPattaviaKing NagaPleasant Valley The Golf ClubParichat Pleasant ValleyPattanaTreasure Hill TBA PattanaGreen ValleyRoyal Lakeside Outback Golf Bar Bunker BoysGreenwood Retox Game OnPattavia Valley View HackersGreen Valley Siam Country Bangpakong Treasure Hill BangpakongLaemChacbangPattavia DATE: Fri27Set 28Sun29Mon30Tue01Wed02Thu03Fri04 BangpraGreen ValleyPleasant Valley Green ValleyGreenwoodKhao KheowPlutaluang The Players Lounge Billabong GolfPhoenix Le KataiPleasant Valley TBATBA Lewiinski’sSiam Old Coures TBA Harry’s Golf I Rovers DATE: Fri20Set 21Sun22Mon23Tue24Wed25Thu26Fri27center_img TBA Sugar ShackKhao Kheow Bunker BoysRoyal Lakeside Treasure HillPleasant ValleyKhao Kheow Le KataiPleasant Valley TBA PattanaKhaoKheowPattavia Treasure Hill Tropical Golf BangpakongGreenwood Growling Swan Apple’s Irish TBA Siam Old CouresSiam Old Coures Green ValleyPattanaPattaviaParichat Green ValleySiam Old CouresSiam Old Coures GreenwoodTBATBATBAPleasant Valley The LinksPattavia Billabong GolfBurapha I Rovers Cafe Kronborg Outback Golf Bar Sugar ShackPlutaluang Pleasant ValleyBangpraPattana Colin’s Golf The Players Lounge Pattaya C.C. PhoenixGreen ValleyBurapha Colin’s Golf The Golf ClubPlutaluang For news of the next PSC monthly golftournament vist website: Green ValleyGreen ValleyGreen Valley KhaoKheow Green Valley Retox Game OnBangpakong The LinksTreasure Hill Harry’s Golf PSC The Bunker Boys meet at Woody’s Bar on Soi Skaw Beach for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( or call 094368 3580, 081 788 2338 or 087 693 7803. Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Dave on tel. 038 602 2117). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri ( The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday ( Lewinski’s in Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3), play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Transport is available, call Marcus on 089 503 9179 for further information and booking. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778.  Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629. Retox Golf – Tel. (Paul) 0923744276, Email [email protected]last_img read more

ThurstonTalk’s Weekend Event Calendar – Easter Weekend In Olympia Washington

first_imgFacebook1Tweet0Pin0 Easter weekend is the start of Spring Break for most Thurston County public schools.  As families prepare to take a few days off, turn to ThurstonTalk’s event calendar for all the activities around town.  Use our *new* Kids & Family section to find a new place to play or rediscover an old favorite haunt.  Using the Activities drop down menu, you can sort for either indoor or outdoor stories.Here is a recap of the Easter Egg Hunts happening around Olympia this weekend.  For more specific details, click here.Friday, March 29 –Adult Flashlight Egg Scramble at the RAC at 8:00 pmSaturday, March 30 –10:00 am – Westfield Capital Mall10:00 am – Dog Easter Egg Hunt at the RAC10:00 am – New Apostolic Church11:00 am – Tumwater High School11:00 am – Bucknell Field in Lacey12:00 pm – South Sound Church1:00 pm – Lattin’s Country Cider Mill & FarmSunday, March 312:00 pm – Priest Point Park2:00 pm – South Sound ManorOther events happening this weekend include:Dig razor clams in Ocean Shores this weekend.Play outside on Saturday, in honor of the 100th birthday of the Washington State Parks system.Visit the WET Science Center.Gather ideas for activities during Spring Break.Attend a performance at Olympia Family Theater or Harlequin Productions.  Both local theater groups have shows throughout the weekend.Catch a roller derby bout between #1 Oly Rollers and #2 San Diego Starlettes on Sunday evening.ThurstonTalk aims to be your source for positive information and events happening in Olympia.  If you have a suggestion for a post, send us a note at [email protected]  For more events and to learn what’s happening in Olympia and the surrounding area, click here.last_img read more