US election 2020: Inside the White House on election night

first_imgAfterwards Adams flew back to Washington with his colleagues, and a charter bus dropped them off at the White House. “It was eerily quiet,” he says. “There was nobody there, celebrating.” When he heard about the party that Trump planned for the White House this evening, Adams was not pleased. “It rankles,” Adams says. – Advertisement –last_img

Facebook Removes ‘Inauthentic’ Accounts, Pages Spanning Eight Nations

first_imgIn Ukraine and Myanmar, the social media giant found that public relations firms were running similar deceptive campaigns on behalf of political parties.The company has been cracking down on such accounts globally after coming under fire for not developing tools quickly enough to combat extremist content and propaganda operations.© Thomson Reuters 2020- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Are iPhone 12 mini, HomePod mini the Perfect Apple Devices for India? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. Facebook on Friday said it has dismantled seven separate networks of fake accounts and pages on its platform that were active in Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Myanmar, Georgia, and Ukraine due to “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”.The social media platform announced it had taken down the new networks as part of its monthly report into “coordinated inauthentic behaviour”, which also noted Facebook had removed nearly 8,000 pages involved in deceptive campaigns around the world in October.- Advertisement – Many of the networks taken down by Facebook were involved in deceptive political influence campaigns using fake accounts, targeting audiences both domestically and abroad.One network of Facebook accounts and pages was operated from Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco by individuals connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egyptian Islamist movement that operates networks of groups across the Middle East. The pages targeted countries across the region and included some terrorism-related content, Facebook said.Facebook found two “inauthentic” networks in Georgia spreading political content, one of which the platform traced to individuals associated with two political parties.- Advertisement –last_img read more

After a rough year, dividend stocks may finally be ready to shine — Here are some buy-rated plays

first_imgTraders work the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.NYSE (This story is for CNBC Pro subscribers only).As equity investors start to look forward to a post-vaccine world, it might be a good time to buy dividend stocks, according to Ned Davis Research.The firm said in a note on Tuesday that dividend stocks performed in a unusual way during the coronavirus recession, trailing non-dividend payers during both the market decline and the rebound. Normally dividend stocks are a safe haven during times of a recession and market volatility, but in this case the coronavirus pandemic hit key dividend payers like REITS and banks while rewarding internet stocks which don’t pay a dividend.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – – Advertisement – That atypical pattern has put dividend stocks at an extremely oversold position.“The bottom line is that Dividend Payers are exiting the worst phase of the bull market cycle relative to Non-Payers in their most oversold state in a decade,” the note said.last_img read more

The Fight for Senate Control

first_imgThis year’s election season has sometimes felt like the longest the country has ever experienced. It was nasty. It took place during a pandemic that has kept many of us at home. And it still isn’t over.- Advertisement – The pangram from yesterday’s Spelling Bee was godchild. Today’s puzzle is above — or you can play online if you have a Games subscription. – Advertisement – The key difference with the new consoles is the quality of the image, with even more realistic graphics. The new systems also promise faster loading times.“Years of technological advancements and game development are coming to fruition,” Kellen Browning, who covers video games for The Times, told us. “Imagine if a new iPhone only came out once every seven years — that’s what this moment is like for gamers.”The reviews: Times reporters evaluate the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X.PLAY, WATCH, EATWhat to Cook – Advertisement – To learn more about the runoff candidates, try these profiles: The Times’s Richard Fausset on Loeffler; The Atlantic’s Emma Green on Warnock; and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Tamar Hallerman on Ossoff and Perdue. That’s not even a reference to President Trump’s continued refusal to concede — which, while damaging to the credibility of American democracy, is extremely unlikely to change the result.When I say the campaign isn’t over, I’m referring to Georgia. Because of both circumstance and a quirk in that state’s law, Georgia will host two Senate runoff elections on Jan. 5 (barring an unlikely change in the current vote totals). The implications are enormous.If Democrats win both, they will narrowly control the Senate, and Joe Biden will be able to pursue ambitious legislation on the coronavirus, climate change, job creation, taxes and more. If Republicans win either Georgia seat, they will retain Senate control (barring an unlikely change in another state’s vote totals), and Biden will need one or more Republican votes to pass any bill. Both parties consider the Georgia runoffs highly competitive. Biden currently leads Trump in Georgia, 49.5 percent to 49.2 percent. One of the two runoffs will resolve a special election following the early retirement of Johnny Isakson, a Republican who is in poor health. The top two vote getters in the first round of that special election will now face each other. They are Senator Kelly Loeffler, a Republican businesswoman whom Georgia’s governor appointed to the seat, and Raphael Warnock, the head pastor at the Atlanta church that Martin Luther King Jr. once ran.center_img Here are the basics on Georgia, if you want to go deeper: The second runoff is between Senator David Perdue, a Republican running on the normal schedule for a second term, and Jon Ossoff, the Democratic nominee and a documentary filmmaker. Perdue leads Ossoff, 49.7 percent to 47.9 percent, in the latest vote count. But Georgia, unlike most states, requires a runoff if neither candidate wins 50 percent in a Senate general election. Want to get The Morning by email? Here’s the sign-up.Good morning. Trump still won’t concede, which Biden called an “embarrassment.” And a look at the implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff elections. Under the Sea: The clicks of bickering dolphins; the burbling of a hydrothermal vent. Scientists have long listened to the sounds of the oceans, but only recently have they turned to the deepest parts of the sea. Lives Lived: Tom Heinsohn’s blood ran green. The Hall of Fame forward played on eight N.B.A. championship teams with the Boston Celtics, coached them to two titles and became their passionate broadcaster for more than three decades. He died at 86.Subscribers make our reporting possible, so we can help you make sense of the moment. If you’re not a subscriber, please consider becoming one today.ARTS AND IDEAS Hollywood times threeIf you don’t play video games, it’s easy to lose sight of how large the industry is. It earned $120 billion in revenue last year — almost three times as much as Hollywood. Two-thirds of adults in the U.S. play video games, either on their phones, a computer or a console. Gaming is so popular that millions of people visit streaming sites every month to watch other people play games.Yet video games do not attract nearly as much media attention as movies, television, music or sports. We’re going to do our part to address that deficit by telling you — if you don’t already know — that this week is a big one for the industry, because two new video game consoles are coming out: Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.New consoles are rare. Sony and Microsoft both released the most recent versions of their systems seven years ago. The new consoles will probably stick around for that long, too, meaning these will be the machines that power video games for most of this decade. In an earlier era, the difference between these two scenarios might not have been huge. Either way, Senate moderates, of one party or the other, would have been the key to passing bills. But our polarized era is different, especially for congressional Republicans.They were almost uniformly unwilling to work with Presidents Bill Clinton or Barack Obama on major legislation, dealing with taxes, the climate, health care, economic stimulus and more. Obama offered various compromises — like market-based systems to expand health insurance or combat climate change — and still could not win Republican votes. The situation has been more nuanced with congressional Democrats during Republican presidencies, as bipartisan coalitions have passed big bills on stimulus, Medicare and education since 2000.Maybe Biden will somehow prove more adept at finding Republican votes than Obama or Clinton. More likely, though, the elections in Georgia will shape Washington for at least the next two years.- Advertisement – The most significant difference is probably on climate change. It “is the issue that throws the Georgia runoffs into sharpest relief,” as Vox’s Ezra Klein has written. “If Democrats win 50 seats in the Senate, large-scale climate legislation is possible, even likely. If they don’t, it’s simply not going to happen.” THE LATEST NEWSMore on the Electionlast_img read more

Geordan Murphy: Leicester Tigers’ director of rugby leaves by mutual consent | Rugby Union News

first_imgGeordan Murphy has left Leicester Tigers by mutual consent – Advertisement – – Advertisement – Geordan Murphy has left Leicester Tigers by mutual consent
Geordan Murphy has left Leicester Tigers by mutual consent

China rescue: UK diplomat jumps into river to save drowning student

first_img– Advertisement – Read more: British diplomat saves drowning Chinese woman- Advertisement – A British diplomat has saved a student who was floating face down in a river near Chongqing in south-west China.61-year-old Stephen Ellison, who is only a month into his new post as consul general, jumped in after the 24-year-old woman slipped on rocks and fell. – Advertisement –last_img

Database lists choice pandemic-planning resources

first_imgSep 24, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Public health officials looking for ideas and tools to help them prepare for an influenza pandemic can find an online collection of peer-reviewed resources on a Web site that was officially launched today: According to the release, the site describes approaches that communities have developed to address three key tasks: altering standards of clinical care, communicating effectively about pandemic flu, and delaying and reducing the impact of a pandemic. Specific topics cover a wide range, from triage of possible flu patients and reopening closed hospitals to guidance for schools, isolation and quarantine strategies, and mortuary planning. The site describes and links to 130 “promising practices” from four countries, 22 states, and 33 counties. It was developed by the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), publisher of CIDRAP News, and the Pew Center on the States, part of the Pew Charitable Trusts. Items for the database were gathered through a combination of Web-based research, targeted surveys, interviews with key public health leaders, and collection of material at conferences, said Amy L. Becker, MPH, the project coordinator at CIDRAP. She said more than 200 practices were considered. “Pandemic Influenza Mortuary Planning Guidelines.” The materials recount how a committee in Barron County, Wis., assessed the county’s capacity for processing human remains and established a Unified Mortuary Preparation Facility and a Family Assistance Center. The group developed a “strategy to increase remains processing capacity through resource sharing and utilization of a unified command structure.” The database can be searched by state or topic and by area of special interest, such as materials translated into multiple languages, materials for vulnerable populations, and tool kits for schools. Jim O’Hara, director of health policy at the Pew Charitable Trusts, said the federal government’s pandemic flu plan will be “useless” if states and local communities are unprepared for a pandemic. Promising Practices site “Isolation and Quarantine in Alexandria, Virginia.” The document details the city’s strategy for invoking and enforcing isolation and quarantine for any contagious disease that poses a public health threat. “There are strong examples throughout the database of innovative practices developed in one part of the country that would be applicable elsewhere,” Sue Urahn, managing director of the Pew Center on the States, said in the news release. Here are a few examples of resources in the database: “Communities across the country are facing the challenge of translating broad requirements into local action, often with limited resources,” he said in the news release. “This database is an excellent tool to help public health officials inform their own pandemic planning and may save valuable time and resources that would be spent crafting strategies from scratch.”center_img See also: More materials will be added to the database in time, Becker told CIDRAP News. “Compiled as a resource to save communities and states time and resources, the database enables public health professionals to learn from each other and to build on their own pandemic plans,” states a news release from CIDRAP and Pew. “Reopening Shuttered Hospitals to Expand Surge Capacity.” The materials, provided by the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, describe the authors’ experiences in reopening a closed hospital in Boston and offer an extensive tool kit to address problems others may encounter in doing the same. Work on the project began in July 2006 with Jill M. DeBoer, MPH, associate director of CIDRAP, serving as principal investigator. “North Carolina’s Ethical Guidelines for an Influenza Pandemic.” A task force of public health and medical experts, according to the description, carefully addressed three ethical issues: the responsibility of healthcare workers to provide care and to be protected, the balance of individual and community needs, and the “prioritization” of limited resources. “Stay at Home Toolkit for Influenza.” The kit, from Montgomery County, Md., is “a user-friendly guide for family reference, including tabs.” “We’ve already received new submissions that will be entering the review process soon,” she said. “As we get those reviewed by, first, our internal staff experts and then some of the expert reviewers nationwide, we’ll post those materials on the site. I would encourage people to check back for updates.” The database provides a brief description of each resource along with comments from the reviewers and links to the resource. The reviews were done by a group of 27 experts, including CIDRAP staff members, national reviewers from various disciplines, and an advisory committee. CIDRAP-Pew news release read more

Nedo Pinezić: Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia

first_imgColleague Goran Rihelj, a man who very specifically helps Slavonia, moved from Zagreb to Vinkovci.Besides running is an interesting initiative that should interest the entire tourist public in Slavonia – he suggests that “Days of Croatian Tourism 2018” be held in Slavonia. The first remarks started at the very mention of the idea – there are not enough hotel capacities in one place, there is not enough large congress space that can accommodate 2.000 people…After many words about the importance of continental tourism to support the development of tourism in the east of the country, the activation of the CRO card, the inclusion of agricultural products from Slavonia in the tourist offer at sea… remains a pity for seasonal workers who left Slavonia for the world instead of the Adriatic. There are no statements, articles, reports about other initiatives, including this colleague Rihelj’s.However, it is through the initiative for “DHT 2018 in Slavonia” that the seriousness and credibility of all policies and political actors who have ever announced programs to support Croatia’s foster mother are being tested. Without further ado, the challenge is great, there are many open questions: Would tourism workers from developed parts of Croatia agree to stay in less comfortable accommodation such as apartments, B&B, boarding houses, rural households, small 3-star hotels? Could the congress and ceremonial part of the program, dinner, be held in a tent, such as in Bol on Brač? Could appropriate shuttle transport, perhaps accommodation and part of a congress program be arranged on a cruise ship on the Danube? Could the Slavonia cluster be unique in supporting a particular location that meets the most necessary conditions? Will the big hotel houses on the Adriatic allow “tearing off the sweet part of the cake” with which they regularly end the season?Where there is a will – there are ways, is an old saying. The initiative of a brave man who replaced the “lights of the metropolis” with the living space of the Slavonian plain, will come, I hope, to important people from Slavonia who can sit other people at the table and initiate the resolution of all issues related to this idea.It will be interesting to follow the further course of events in anticipation of the moment when one should move from words to deeds. Thank you Gorane for the initiative and persistence with which you are fighting for Slavonia.Nedo Pinezićlast_img read more

The importance of quality promotional video in tourism

first_imgUnder the motto “The best service in Zadar”, the travel agency Terra Travel has been taking care of guests coming to Zadar for 15 years. A successful business model as one of the largest travel agencies can be thanked for immediately understanding, which is unfortunately still a rarity today, as the motive for coming is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content of the tourist destination.So through their business they focus on content rather than form and offer a full service. From accommodation services, transportation, congress organization, car rental, to the sale of various destination experiences through various tours and excursions, and since four years ago through nautical tourism. As Tomislav Fain, the owner of the travel agency Terra Travel, points out, guests want experiences, and we are here to offer them the best personalized service.The business decision to be based on smaller groups, ie personalized service, as well as the increase in the quality of performance brought them great growth in the past few years, and entering nautical tourism was a real hit. “As we have been dealing with tourism through the agency for 15 years, we were looking for something new and different in order to move away from classic tours as well as mass, ie in large groups, going by boat to the Kornati National Park. We wanted to offer our guests a personalized service with a focus on quality and experiences. So four years ago we started with the Sailing Croatia project, ie a one-day rental of sailboats, but as these are small groups of up to eight people, we focused on adding value and experience”Fain points out.Content, content and only authentic and unique content is a winning formula, and it is the focus on quality and additional content, not form, that has proven to be a winning combination “Our guests can get the basics of sailing, see the Kornati National Park in a private and more relaxed atmosphere, define the route themselves which is certainly more personalized than mass boat trips, and this proved to be a hit because tourists are delighted with the approach. Also, on board we have equipment for diving, fishing, kayaking so that tourists get a lot of experience in a relaxed atmosphere, learn to sail, ie get the basics of sailing and finally experience the Kornati National Park – all in one day.. ”Says Fain.That in this whole story about mass tourism, quality and personalized service are always sought and will be sought, is proven by the growth of the agency as well as nautical stories through the Sailing Croatia product and from year to year both demand and supply grow. “After four years, we have expanded our offer to one-day, two-day and three-day tours, so that guests come to Zadar for seven days, and spend two or three days on a sailboat, while the rest of the week they are accommodated in Zadar. “Tomislav Fain points out, and adds that the interest is growing from year to year, so their fleet of one sailing ship for eight people, today has grown into another motor boat and one wooden boat 16 meters long, and every year the fleet expands at least for one ship.Quality, not the lowest possible price For the purpose of promoting this interesting tourist story and quality additional content, a promotional video was made showing the beauties of the Zadar archipelago, which thrilled me and which is the motive for writing this article. The video simply attracts you and calls you to be a part of this story and experience. Again, it is based on people, ie on experience and emotions. It does not sell form, but content. It doesn’t sell sailboat rentals, but through the story it slowly draws you through moments and experiences that you want to be on a sailboat.It reminds me of the business concept “The Golden circle – Why, How, What “Simon Sinek who became famous as the most watched lecture, and later one of the most successful business books” Start with Why “. The concept is based on how people don’t buy products or follow leaders on the principle of what they do, but why you do it. So, they communicate first why, how and only in the end what they ultimately sell i.e. what is their product. (Why, How, What) and not the other way around. All through the prism of storytelling. We constantly revolve around telling stories because that is exactly what our tourism needs – to tell our authentic stories, and to be some bad copies of other tourist destinations. So a video or a picture must tell a story.Also, a very important message is quality and professional production. Always use professional services and watch the quality, not how to go as little as possible and record video with a mobile phone, because in the end the only thing that matters is the final product and the message. Of course, after shooting the video, it is necessary to invest in promoting it so that as many people as possible can see it, because we can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, everything falls into the water.The video for which I am writing this article, regardless of being promotional, can be freely classified as a breathtaking TOP video from Croatia, and I am sure that anyone who plans to visit Zadar and watch this video will be interested in being on “that” video.last_img read more