The second Shanxi Cup college students entrepreneurship contest held on the 21 day

with the importance of entrepreneurial activities in Colleges and universities, the rate of College Students’ entrepreneurship has been significantly improved. College students involved in the business scope is also more and more widely, many students create a passenger to fully mobilize the creative thinking ability, showing the pioneering spirit of the younger generation of entrepreneurs.

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Henan Province more than 90 thousand people receive subsidies for entrepreneurship training

now everywhere in the think of a way to promote local entrepreneurship and investment activities, local governments also gives a lot more preferential policies, have the good policy, the majority of entrepreneurs in the business on the road are more likely to succeed.

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nnovation and Entrepreneurship of Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College

in order to cultivate the needs of the era of innovation and scientific and technological personnel, the modern Career Technical College is to bring innovation and entrepreneurship education, so that more young entrepreneurs have a real entrepreneurial ability.

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How much does it cost to open a bar

with the majority of consumers on the quality of life of the continuous pursuit of the increasingly high demand for entertainment, the emergence of the bar, to meet the needs of the majority of consumers’ spiritual and cultural needs to meet the needs of consumers! How much does it cost to open a bar? May wish to understand.

specific to open a bar to say how much money is very difficult to answer, after all, the situation is not the same throughout, individual choice is different, the bar how much is of course not the same, but see a cost budget or no problem, ready to open the bar you may wish to refer to. read more

Together with the semiconductor energy saving lamps into the green life

with the rapid development of society, the major electrical appliances and high pollution vehicles turned out, so people have begun to be at risk, looking at the sky is no longer blue, we realized the importance of the environment. Thus, the green environmental protection and energy conservation has also been a positive response, let us together with the semiconductor energy saving lamp into the green life.

energy-saving lamps of ingenious design, wide variety, low price (price and ordinary light equivalent), small volume and light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, no noise, no vibration, easy to use flash (only in the original position can be used to replace the lamp), in addition to the advantage of the ordinary energy-saving lamps; also have to smoke and dust, odor removal, purification of oxygen supply, green environmental protection, disinfection, environmental protection lighting (saving up to 80%) and other six major effects. Energy saving lamp, life lamp, health lamp, lamp, lamp, long life lamp. read more

What are the names of the fruit shop taboo

to a shop name although there are a lot of skills, but also need to comply with the relevant principles. More importantly, there are a lot of taboos need to pay attention to. So, what are the names of the fruit shop taboo? Let Xiaobian to provide you a detailed analysis.

1, the word

without loopholes


name is used for consumers to call this, we need to consider the issue of popularization of words, but it is a pity that many brands often use some obscure words to name, do not know is not want to look out of the ordinary, but those strange words don’t say like people do not know, I am afraid that many university professors don’t know, let alone consumers remember and spread. What are the names of the fruit shop taboo? We look at the famous brand name, which is not simple and clear? So do not play too many tricks, honest and practical words we all know it. read more

s the market really saturated

has a history of thousands of years in the Chinese tofu business, has still not been eliminated, making tofu business few people lose money, but also very few people can be bigger, don’t make tofu business only in such a medium level, no promotion?

of course not! Chinese people to eat more than one hundred million dollars a year, tofu, with such a huge consumer market, it should also create a number of millionaires, millionaires! What is the reason?

1, carve up the market seriously: tofu business is good, do not live too many people, the cake is big, more people, who can not eat enough; read more