Analysis of venture investment in the development of health care

if you open a home fat Museum, do a professional hair care business, there will be a market? So where should we choose? Are there risks? Here Xiaobian for you to do a specific analysis, and let you see this opportunity is suitable for you!

with modern life pressure increase, hair loss, hair is also becoming increasingly serious, and the trend was younger. Professional institutions and product loss appeared since 10 years ago, to nearly 2 years before it started market. Reporters learned that the past two years, the rapid development of the professional market in Foshan on the market, and hairdressing industry has become increasingly close to the needs of ordinary people’s lives.

"good reputation is an effective way to attract members," the industry agreed that the key business professional hair museum is the effect of the king is also very important, do a good job in customer service service.

in a bridge for hair loss and white to black hair Museum, there are several customers receiving hair treatment. According to the shop responsible person Mr. Ye, the majority of customers is the hair was out of the question, there are some to prevent hair loss and the Yellow bifurcation, so whether can quick is whether ultimately retain customers Kim signs.

"do this depends mainly on the effect and reputation, and should pay attention to environmental protection and health." Zhangguang 101 nourishing hair chain organization official said. The first month of the shop is the most difficult, to go through the promotion, free guests to try, the guests feel good after the experience, and then slowly introduce acquaintances, members have gradually increased."

"do this line is not without risk." Hair chain responsible person silk domain Miss Liu said, like us open hair Museum in the upscale district of professional, area and store decoration requirements are relatively high, plus two according to a fixed fee, charge rent, purchase fee, initial investment is generally more than 200 thousand yuan, according to the economic industry, may within a year can return to this, but to the situation this year, will take at least 2 years to return to this.

"in addition, because the market is large and the quality of such products to the market is uneven in quality, dragons and fishes jumbled together." Hair chain head silk domain Liu reminded investors, first select a good franchise brand is very important, a good brand in product quality and brand reputation and influence, and training services, are relatively mature, the probability of successful investment will be much higher.

> as the professional hair Museum

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