ZhengXin create delicious chicken Unlimited Business Opportunities net worth the investment

as everyone knows, as long as delicious, everyone will think of the characteristics of chicken, now on the market a variety of chicken catering brand is uneven, but entrepreneurs interested in is always much consumers ZhengXin chicken, it is cold in winter, the entrepreneur also ushered in the winter, the choice of investment ZhengXin chicken, but don’t worry the source, that ZhengXin chicken taste authentic, delicious chicken is unique.

ZhengXin chicken break winter capital

in recent years, the domestic food and beverage market has undergone a very big change, the traditional entity dining gradually shrinking, the major high-end food and beverage brands have also transformed the popular dining. U.S. mission , hungry and so on the rise of the catering platform, further hit the transfer of physical stores. ZhengXin chicken in the generally sluggish environment initiative, change the market strategy and mode of operation, to create 10 months 1000 new stores industry miracle, in the winter capital environment, ZhengXin chicken become a dazzling brand.

has been imitated, never surpassed

fifteen years of brand heritage, made brilliant achievements in the ZhengXin chicken chicken industry today. As a benchmark for companies in chicken industry, ZhengXin chicken hot also prompted a large number of brands began to imitate ZhengXin chicken. There is a recipe for chicken ZhengXin exclusive core market is never afraid of imitation, contrary to the emergence of a large number of copycat brands but also more confirms the popularity of ZhengXin chicken, has been standing in the top of the industry, but also to create 10 months to add 1000 stores of the miracle, which shows the market is hot.

do not take the road to the big market

the current social price soaring, frequently twenty or thirty of fast food and snacks in the food and beverage market is very common, in the eyes of businessmen, the money basically means no profit of $ten. It is here that ZhengXin chicken to ten dollars, ten dollars of chicken meat on sales all over the country. ZhengXin chicken caught reverse thinking, with low price to seize a larger market groups, resulting in higher sales. Accurate brand positioning, new policy, and even popular actor Huang Bo endorsement portrait, the more deep the majority of consumer recognition of the brand, in the formation of a larger market, thereby creating a hot phenomenon of rapid increase of franchise.

can also be cheap quality

in the traditional mode of thinking, the concept of high quality is equal to the concept of deep-rooted in people’s hearts, with the changing times, innovative models and ideas gradually impact on the traditional market. The use of high-quality products, low price brands continue to emerge, and most of them have made great attention and success, such as clothing industry, the mobile phone industry, millet and so on it. ZhengXin chicken after years of market research and evaluation, this model will be moved to the catering market, the profit space is compressed to >

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