Thirteen pot stone pot theme restaurant join

theme catering business has been on our land in China for many years, of course, also welcomed by consumers, many of whom are well-known theme of food and beverage franchise brand – thirteen too pot pot theme restaurant

Jun only catering company, catering industry leading enterprises, the food culture has been deeply rooted in its founding. Thirteen too pot is the company based on years of experience in the operation of food and beverage projects focus on the introduction of the brand, it is the company’s previous launch of the major food and beverage items have distinctive differences, there is another competitive strength of the catering market.

thirteen too pot pot theme restaurant

thirteen is too dependent on the strength of pot company integrity management introduction of exotic delicacy, Western Southeast Asia and other places, with the essence of Oriental delicacy, to create their own high standards, high efficiency, have a unique style of catering brand. Only learn from foreign advanced management experience, for the vast number of franchisees to create a range, high-quality, affordable food and beverage business platform.

thirteen to join the pot advantage:

1, broad prospects: Thirteen too pot products are not only suitable for young men and women, but also for the elderly and children to eat, really do the young take all". Today, the thirteen pot is too much to become a family dinner, dinner friends, the company’s first choice for dinner, has become an essential choice in people’s lives.

2, long cycle: Chinese as a heritage for thousands of years of delicacy, embodies the wisdom of countless people, but also has a long product life cycle, development and stability, and thirteen provinces in a large collection of thirteen cuisine is a long pot too numerous won the hearts of consumers, to ensure that the natural stable consumer groups, is long-term business preferred.

3, for investors, the thirteen pot too obvious advantages, it not only has its own strong market selling points, in addition to the establishment of the store is a lot of highlights, so that investors to join the shop more profitable. As long as investors dare to choose, thirteen pot will never let investors disappointed, let them of wealth harvest.

thirteen pot support:

brand image support: unified clothing, accessories, staff badges, posters and artwork design, to provide staff training manual.

opening guidance support: free of charge to provide the opening ceremony of the implementation of the program (tailored), providing long-term tracking services.

quickly set up shop support: headquarters to provide readily available, a place in place to support the implementation of the market at a faster speed operation.

marketing planning support: on the website, power >

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