Han Han joined a good meal sangdoo whole

In fact,

chowhound this is a very tall on the word, because not everyone can be called the chowhound. Think of a joke: the difference between theory and a sudden chowhound, chowhound eat more is a good for nothing, but how can not become a chowhound.

Korean flavor struck, in the end is what kind of delicious caused by the patrons of the pursuit of all kinds of fashion snacks from South Korea, there is no kitchen, no chef, but very delicious; no open flame, no smoke, but very hot. 500 elite team, Yuesao tracking support, thousands of square meters of training base, Han sangdoo, fashion Korean food do. Han Shangdao, your side of the Korean food expert, Korean food in manhanquanxi.

you are not met Han chowhound? Sangdoo, let you become the ideal moment chowhound.

met Han chowhound sangdoo, mouth of crisp burning. Han sangdoo shortbread burn rooted in hongdae night jade burning, gathered in a Korean delicacy Street essence, the egg, flour and meat, fresh pork, octopus and other ingredients in the mixed iron and baked crispy flavor, in soft slippery mouth, a memorable


Han sangdoo joined the Korean food is good?

grilled barbecue to marry rice, wonderful taste visible. Han sangdoo gimbap used all the vegetables from the local garden, more fresh, more nutritious. All the more carnivorous, iron after baking, making delicious like nature itself. Thick rice, mixed with barbecue, barbecue and delicate nutrition, thick rice pick taste buds, staged a grand ceremony of the restaurant, eat rice, meat products, nutrition collocation.

flat rice is not fun, but also have more chowhound. Han Shangdao not only has Seoul jade burning, creative gimbap and Han Weizhen drink, Han Feng spicy soup boiling flow delicacy also assembled coming! Hundreds of kinds of Korean delicacy infinite collocation, deduce personalized Korean taste! In addition to snacks, more Korean myohyang, Korean Griddle Cake staple food products, and can expand the sales force Hot pot time and channel


with the hit Korean drama, Korean food is more fire, Korean meal has also been the pursuit of the vast number of Chinese consumers crazy. Stop Han sangdoo, a Korean snack, I and you are a chowhound, is a happy chowhound. In the Han sangdoo world, because so many chowhound, winter is not cold, Han sangdoo knew chowhound business fire.

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