We do everything we need to have the mentality of the sun

ancient cloud: character determines the fate, I said the attitude of life. Regardless of the rich and poor, the status of high and low, every day is so firm, resolute, open-minded, optimistic face work and life – this is the mentality. Mentality is not in the realization of the ideal or not, but in the pursuit of the ideal process, the thinking of action, that is to say, attitude determines everything, the success or failure of the cause, determine the life of travel".

we have to deal with delivery every day in the delivery team, the daily work of the same thing, but why do the same thing to explain the different. Below I will share with you a small story. One day, a sweaty courier sent my order with their drinks company, he unloaded to the shop without demur, throw the documents ready to leave.

I’m not sure about that yet The man was so angry that he couldn’t be wrong. He had a problem with our boss. You see, I’m not Siberia and there are so many goods to send it; the other day, the same delivery, delivery of different faces, this attitude should be calm and many than the first one, he sent the goods to help me tidy one neatly stacked, then ask not what I have "the problem"? And leave with a smile.

the same day I ushered in a small deliveryman, his face has always been a peaceful glow, he put the car on the discharge of the goods, one by one count after asked me what I need and suggestions can be provided for further improvement. Wiped a sweat, very modest, said: "I can sit down and rest for a while?" After sitting down, from time to time with me to talk about the pain and bitterness of the shop and the pros and cons, and I do not take the business"……

in fact, we can see that the hands of these three things are exactly the same thing, but they are out of the mentality of the interpretation of the three levels. The first level I call it a pessimist. That is to say, we have every reason to think that this is a hard work that life gives you, we always have to pay, of course, you can see the hard work is indeed present.

Second People’s attitude, I think it is a professional attitude. Like his paycheck, one of his work, he knows you to live up to today’s post, so he did not lower than the occupation of the bottom line, in addition there is no higher pursuit; and third levels, called it the idealistic realm. In other words, you send in front of each batch of goods, every drop of sweat, you know that it leads to the success of the bridge, you know, you will have a dream.

you are in order to dream forward, every step of your way is valuable, you will have to pay the ultimate completion of this. We want to be like third people, the third levels of idealist learning, with optimistic, positive attitude to work and life >

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