Suzhou’s champion burned

believes that in the high school language textbooks must learn a poem, that is Dai Wangshu Lane in the rain, in the poem, people for the lilac girl is very long, because Pingjiang Road Suzhou city a lilac lane with a hundred years of history "champion" residence suffered a fire, after the fire, because the narrow lane the car can not enter the fire, burned to cultural relics.

Pingjiang Road lilac Lane

in Suzhou city has a hundred years history of the imperial residence "suffered a fire, after the fire, because the narrow lane, fire engines can not enter, such as firefighters to extinguish the fire hose, the house has been completely destroyed.


caused no casualties. A local official said in response to pan Zhai is not registered security architecture. It is said that Dai Wangshu is in lilac lane as the prototype, wrote the famous poem "Rain Lane".

although there were no casualties, but the lane in the poem, can bring more imagination to people, the former residence of Suzhou scholar carry a lot of real historical and cultural information, records the cultural symbol of the rich, just because it is non registered security building, on the lack of management. Non renewable cultural relics and cultural relics once damaged, we can not explain to future generations.

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