Delivery also need to change the whole to complete

in order to attract more customers, so that the store’s business has been better development, and now many shops will provide door-to-door service. However, if the owner door-to-door, actually also need an ample supply of change, so it does not have the change problems. This does not, the family is eating dinner in the store, the phone rang, give me a box of yogurt to come, we are here waiting for the guests, is just next to the opening of the restaurant, the boss of the restaurant called.

hung up the phone, I quickly moved the yogurt to the car, rushed to the hotel to the goods. The hotel owner saw I send the milk to the milk, let the waiter will give guests, my silly standing in front of the bar, waiting for the boss checkout. I usually deliver a few hotels as long as I deliver the goods, the boss will be very happy to give me the checkout, but this is not to mention the owner of the checkout.

she wants the goods to be in no hurry, but I have to go back to the store to do business, her husband went to work during the day, in the evening for me in the store, the store price of many goods he is not too clear. To this end, I said to the boss: "would you like it?" The landlady replied, "come and get it tomorrow? My money is locked in a drawer, and now the hotel is busy, no time to take money,

"I am sorry, I am a person to see the shop, no time to come tomorrow to take the money, so you do not busy with the hotel, what can I help you?" Listen to me say sorry, boss, opened the drawer and took a one hundred yuan to find me, when I will change to when the boss, she looked at me in surprise. Her eyes seemed to be asking me, why do you have some change?.

The goods sent to

from the money, I can clearly see that: the restaurant owner is a don’t want to cash in two, give me the money at the same time for me.

in fact, when I was at home to do a good job in the preparation of the two ideas, one is ready to find the change, the two is if she does not give me how to do? For the newly opened hotel, no matter how her business, for our retail store, their meager profits, we can not afford to credit. A box of milk money do not want to cash checkout, then there will be a long time in the past, cloudy drag straw, the more heavy drag phenomenon.

stores after the operation there will be a lot of bad behavior is not conducive to the development of shops, often at the beginning of the deal is not good. We started in business cooperation, cannot allow this phenomenon, Mo is Cangtou small profit lost eye. I believe that as long as the owner of our sincere hospitality, the other party will also be our hearts.

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