Ten smoke lampblack machine brand ranking

Chinese people generally love cooking, and in the Chinese cooking process, often will have a lot of soot, so, in the kitchen to install lampblack machine will become the choice of many people. Range hood is installed in the kitchen cooking position, designed to absorb fumes, you can make the whole kitchen clean and clear. So as the representative of outstanding products, range hood ten brand ranking will be the world’s attention, then the top ten brands in the end? Here’s a look.

ten range hood brand NO1- FOTILE Fotile

FOTILE is one of China’s 500 most valuable brands, is the leading brand of high-end kitchen electrical industry, China’s well-known trademarks, many consumers are very popular FOTILE cabinets products. FOTILE attaches great importance to brand building, after years of image building, FOTILE has become a well-known brand in the industry, set up a good brand image.

ten range hood brand NO2- boss Robam

The boss of

, the lampblack machine can be said to have been the famous brand as a boss known to every family situation, China kitchen electric industry one of the most influential brands, it has grown into Asia’s top 500 brands, with strong brand competitiveness.

ten range hood brand NO3- cherry Sakura

Sakura lampblack machine is also very good brand, which is founded in 1978 in China, Taiwan Chinese, Sakura (China) Limited by Share Ltd holds the brand, as a famous brand in Jiangsu Province, Sakura has grown into the market and the eyes of consumers in the well-known brands.

ten range hood brand NO4- Sacon

Sacon is Asia’s top 500, the strength of the enterprise can imagine, is China’s well-known brands in the range hood. After years of development, Sacon home appliance brand has now grown into one of the most complete, one of the largest kitchen appliances manufacturing base, with a huge annual capacity.

ten range hood brand NO5- Vatti Vatti


is the kitchen industry influential brand, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, belonging to the Zhongshan Vatti appliance Limited by Share Ltd, Vatti products have high added value and technological content, in the whole kitchen market are regarded as a leading industry.

ten range hood brand list NO6- beautiful Midea


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