How much is the ancient early taste of cake investment funds total net

in a few days before the election of the ten major food inside, our island of Taiwan on the first, which is the unanimous recognition of the results of the mass consumer choice, it can be seen that Taiwan snacks popular. Fresh on the heritage of the Taiwan DUOGU zaowei cake ancient early taste delicious, in such a fickle society, the persistence for the traditional concept of quality first, choose fresh every day with the selection of imported high-quality wheat flour, egg, and the highest standard of sugar, oil ingredients, rejected all additives, with the traditional practice of inheritance 50 years, the daily manual carey for you to create the most fresh and delicious cakes.

ancient taste cake investment funds?

when the moment the cake, good natural ingredients natural aroma will have a boil up feeling, the perfect expression of the fresh on the life of food seriously, respect, and love to every customer.

like fresh days, because of the noisy and exaggerated days, it is rare to see the sincere and pure. Choose fresh days, because of the golden sweet cake crust, containing a thin weak heart. Bite down, the aftertaste is long, it is the memory of the depths of the mother’s taste, no matter how far the pace, only the taste of childhood familiar and stubborn. More than the early days of the ancient taste of the cake, like a taste positioning system, a lock of the busy busy life, while the other is always tied to the memory of the home.

fresh day DUOGU zaowei cake to exacting selected ingredients, with exquisite Handmade daily, now do the most fresh pastries, will spread so far the taste of home, the sublimation of the more delicate attractive, will also be the pure love as if from mother like extend all the way down, spread.

ancient taste cake join conditions:

1 love baking industry, social ethics, with the "fresh days" brand concept.

2 is a legal person or natural person, with the correct investment concept, good psychological quality and risk consciousness;

3) join the region with a certain degree of experience in shopping malls or chain catering industry;

4 to join the store business as the goal, to ensure adequate time and energy into the store’s daily management work.

early taste cake join fee:

technology store

charges: 30 thousand

management fee: no



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