Entrepreneurs have a whole of how psychological cycle

Although there is an increasing number of people who have been on the path of

entrepreneurship, different people will have different understanding and understanding of "entrepreneurship". In fact, each entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial process will experience a certain psychological cycle. As entrepreneurs, only a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant psychological cycle, will make their own entrepreneurial journey later go more smoothly.

is the first phase of excitement. This stage, entrepreneurs see the world is beautiful, I think it will soon be a unicorn out of the enterprise, many pits did not find, do not know what the setback behind.

second stage is the trough period. When entrepreneurs really start to do one thing, you will find a lot of difficulties that have not been found, the gap after the start of the business often frustrating or even give up. Trough period of time is different, some people start the trough period is two to three months, some people longer, most people give up after the first two or three months, the entrepreneurial enterprise of the 70% can not adhere to a month’s time.

third phase will enter a stable period, but also the platform period. However, it is not the end of the psychological cycle after the end of the business, there may be found in the stable period and then into another exciting period, another trough period.

according to the latest Gapulo happiness index, 34% of entrepreneurs said they are very anxious, which is higher than other types of workers 4%.45% entrepreneurs say they are very stressful, higher than other types of workers 3%.

in the business downturn, entrepreneurs will encounter various problems, prone to anxiety and insomnia. Moreover, the initial venture entrepreneurs often do not pay attention to physical health, leading to psychological problems more difficult to restore. Entrepreneurs tend to eat too much or eat too little, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and are more anxious than their employees.

" you’re in the business model: to force yourself, to abuse your body, " psychologists say, " this can lead to a more fragile mood. "

almost every entrepreneur will experience a mental process that, if the venture investors in advance are y aware of this, when the appropriate adjustment into the trough, so there will be a very big help for their own business. So, if you are ready to start a business, do you know the mental cycle of the entrepreneur?

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