The wood Li Keqiang for firewood record passenger Ornament

road of business regardless of you and me on the road of business people to continue to move forward, the development of the country cannot do without such a formal, grassroots entrepreneurship group, state leaders attach great importance to this kind of crowd, the following small simple to share with you, Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to firewood record passenger case for firewood record passenger add momentum to continue to move forward the.

took the symbol of membership record passenger passport ", he happily said:" well, I will for you to add the wood, let more people into the ranks of the "off the record"!" "Create a" word "fire" over the north and south of china. This year, the word was written for the first time, the government work report, and was elected ten annual high vote.

and a guest to write into the "government work report" and "the public entrepreneurship, innovation". Also in this year’s "two sessions" press conference, a reporter asked, entrepreneurship is the people’s own business and market behavior, why the government should hold such a big heart, with so much force? Li Keqiang responded, "double" is actually a reform". He said: "the prosperity of the country lies in the creativity of the people, and the vitality of the economy comes from the diversity of employment, entrepreneurship and consumption."

"to treat grassroots entrepreneurs, to young people. Only if they have hope and expectation, the country will have a future." Li Keqiang said.

for him in Zhongguancun Venture Street, with great interest and young people drink "entrepreneurial coffee" talked for two consecutive years of entrepreneurship and innovation; he attended the "double week" activities, and personally for entrepreneurs to click the "red envelopes"; each of his visit to the place, will enter the public record space.

"I join the Prime Minister of the forum, he can feel heartfelt appreciation and support for those grassroots entrepreneurs. This kind of sincere emotion, the attire is cannot install." Qian Yingyi, Dean of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University.

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