Hefei Tongling road construction road change

recently Hefei traffic lines have changed, what are the specific? Reporters in Hefei, the relevant departments have been the exact news, according to the North Tongling Road north extension project progress needs, part of the road will be temporarily closed, so the traffic police issued a detour program to remind drivers to pay attention to detour.

it is understood that since February 14th, Tongling logistics Avenue and North Road junction south Demi closed construction, the northern half two-way four lanes; from February 20th to March 11th, Ying River Road and Tongling Road intersection east direction two-way closed, non motor vehicle pedestrian walking sidewalk traffic, in order to alleviate the traffic pressure, release, and road and North Tongling road the intersection of the east-west direction and two-way traffic, Yaohai road and Tongling Road intersection release, but no left turn from west to north; during the Ying River road closed, closed part of Luling road intersection.

bypass program

A. to Tongling Road on the west side, can detour from the North Second Ring Road, Yaohai Road, road, road and logistics.

B. to the ecological panorama, Grand Skylight direction, can bypass road from trees Park Road Yinghe Luling road or Road North Second Ring Road Yinghe.

C. to Dangtu Road direction, from the north near Luling road Yaohai road or logistics Avenue detour.

if people traveling to the Tongling Road, Hefei City Road, must be timely to listen to the radio traffic, which can bring great convenience for people to travel, not because the road diverted to the life of people in trouble. Great changes have taken place in Hefei in recent years, making Hefei more beautiful.

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