first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE according to Vanderburgh County School Board member Anne Ennis that the iLearn test has cost the Indiana taxpayers about $45 million over the last three year?IS IT TRUE that  Dr. Adrian Brooks niece is the newly appointed Superintendent of the Indianapolis public school system?IS IT TRUE we are told that a couple of local of financially well-heeled business people would be interested in bringing back an ECHL professional hockey team to Evansville if they could get the same $1,000 Ford Center home game rate as the Evansville Thunderbolts?IS IT TRUE that the person calculating the official attendance of September 1, 2019, live race at Ellis Park must have had a serious computer glitch?  …they reported around 18,000 people attended September 1, 2019, live races at Ellis Park?  …the track largest recorded attendance was 8,500 people when they had the Camel and Ostrich races on the same day?IS IT TRUE a couple of years ago the only grocery store in Jacobsville closed without warning?…this creates a food desert right after a politician proclaimed Jacobsville is an up and coming neighborhood?…the reasons given by the Buehler’s IGA for closing the doors was the high levels of theft that were occurring at the store?…this is the same kind of criminality that supposedly killed the Wesselman’s, the Sunshine Market?IS IT TRUE that a neighborhood grocery store is a vital part of any redevelopment effort?  …if you want to clean up places like Jimtown and Jacobsville, the first step is to get rid of the Jims and Jacobs who rob and pillage everything that is out there? …good-paying jobs, reliable public transportation, affordable livable housing, good schools, affordable daycare services, a quality grocery store, and accessible and affordable healthcare would go a long way in helping people in that area?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that there is a quiet movement afoot to find a way to fund a discount grocery operation on North Main Street?  …we won’t be surprised if Mayor Winnecke will announce that he has found someone to build aa new grocery store on North Main street just before the election?  …we really hope that happens?IS IT TRUE we also wonder when construction will begin on the old downtown YMCA annex building?  … this building has been vacant of at least 35 plus years?  …many years years ago we read in the local newspaper that local developers were going to turn this former 5th Street YMCA annex building into housing for the homeless? …this proposed housing project turns out to be another downtown “Pie In The Sky“ venture that can’t get bank financing?IS IT TRUE that the Executive Director of the “Right To Life of Southwest Indiana”, Mary Ellen Van Dyke is doing an excellent job of protecting the unborn?IS IT TRUE we have an outstanding group of law enforcement professionals that are doing everything they can to protect us?  …It’s almost impossible for members of law enforcement to stop anyone from killing someone?  …It’s obvious that its time for our elected officials to look for more creative ways to help of our law enforcement agencies so they can do a better job fighting violent crime?IS IT TRUE the City-County Observer is somewhat distressed over the number of shootings and beatings that are happening in Evansville that are being reported?…nary a day goes by that some poor soul gets shot in either the Southside or downtown  Jacobsville?  …our local first responders are doing one heck of a job in chasing down the bad people that are responsible for these criminal acts?IS IT TRUE that 31% of fatal drunk-driving accidents occur on the weekend?  …more drunk drivers are on the road Saturday nights between midnight and 3 AM than any other time of the week?IS IT TRUE since the Evansville Courier and Press sold their office building on Walnut Street, laid many employees off and moved the printing of their paper to Lousiville, Ky we hope that they will become more productive and profitable?  …that the City-County Observer wishes the good people at the Courier and Press many more successful years in the publishing business?IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Regional Airport has experienced several multi-million dollar expansion projects over the last several years?  …there has been some extensive expansion of the flight terminal and the runways and also an increase in new flight destinations to other cities during the last several years?  …we give five (5) cheers to the Board and Directors, management and staff at the Evansville Regional Airport for a job well done?IS IT TRUE we wonder how many people have received a summons to appear at the Warrick, Posey and Vanderburgh County Superior Court-Small Claims Division to dispute the validity of a medical debt allegedly owed for medical services at our local hospitals and medical clinics during the last two years?  …that ProPublica claims that medical bills are often riddled with errors? …that they also suggest that you should ask your medical provider if they have a financial assistance policy, which could result in a sliding scale discount?IS IT TRUE that we are pleased to report that the Toyota plant in Princeton is growing by leaps and bounds? …Toyota provides people with high wage jobs with impressive benefits and it is hard to imagine the Tri-State without Toyota?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that many people are extremely pleased with the way our Vanderburgh County Commissioners are conducting themseleves?Todays “Readers Poll” question Is: Should State official be held harmless because of the extreme drop in the state ILEARN test scores?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE Files, Channel 44 News, LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS, LOCAL SPORTS, AND OBITUARY.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO dailyIf you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected] FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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