Gallagher, Flynn starts new exec comp survey

first_imgGallagher, Flynn Launches Executive Compensation SurveyGallagher, Flynn & Company hasstarteda web-based executive compensation survey as an addition to theirsuccessful New England Salary Survey. This survey will provideinformation not currently available about competitive pay for seniormanagers in Vermont and across New England.”There is no good data that is easily available on executivecompensation in small private companies in Vermont and New England. Wewill change that with this survey,” said Frank Sadowski, partner incharge of this survey. “We get many calls asking for this information.With this survey, participants will have the information at theirfingertips whenever they need it.The New England Salary Survey represents the next big step in providingcompensation information that companies need. It provides perpetuallycurrent data to participants over the internet. The data can be dividedby industry, region, and size of company. It lets companies make thecomparisons they need for their own purposes. Adding the executivecompensation information will make the survey even better.”The New England Salary Survey currently has participants from Vermontand New Hampshire. More than 100 companies and non-profits will beparticipating by the end of September. Companies pay an annual fee(currently $375), put their data into the survey either over the web orby filling out a paper survey, then have access to the data from thewebsite ( is external) ) for a year. The website’ssoftware updates all the salary averages with the addition of each newcompany’s data and drops any data over a year old from the calculations,keeping the data current. Data is being collected on over 300 jobscurrently, and good salary information is now available on more than 150positions. Benefit and bonus information is also available.The executive compensation section covers 17 positions, though anindividual company is not likely to have all of them. In addition to theCEO, COO and CFO, jobs like the top research and development executiveand the top fund raising executive (for non-profits) are included.Access to this information requires a separate access code so thatcompanies can determine who will have access to this data.To promote the executive compensation section, all subscribers to theNew England Salary Survey prior to October 1 will have free access tothe executive compensation section if they add their data. After October1, there will be a separate charge for the executive compensationsection.The New England Salary Survey will soon have data that is specific tomany different regions of Vermont. “We already have great data forChittenden and Washington Counties, and we should soon have dataspecific to Franklin and Addison Counties, the Upper Valley and severalother counties,”said Sadowski. In addition, marketing in New Hampshireis expected to increase the number of companies in the survey east ofthe Connecticut River. Eventually, the survey expects to include datafrom all the New England states.For more information about the survey, go to the website, is external)or call Frank Sadowski at 802.651.7216.last_img

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