Nedo Pinezić: Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia

first_imgColleague Goran Rihelj, a man who very specifically helps Slavonia, moved from Zagreb to Vinkovci.Besides running is an interesting initiative that should interest the entire tourist public in Slavonia – he suggests that “Days of Croatian Tourism 2018” be held in Slavonia. The first remarks started at the very mention of the idea – there are not enough hotel capacities in one place, there is not enough large congress space that can accommodate 2.000 people…After many words about the importance of continental tourism to support the development of tourism in the east of the country, the activation of the CRO card, the inclusion of agricultural products from Slavonia in the tourist offer at sea… remains a pity for seasonal workers who left Slavonia for the world instead of the Adriatic. There are no statements, articles, reports about other initiatives, including this colleague Rihelj’s.However, it is through the initiative for “DHT 2018 in Slavonia” that the seriousness and credibility of all policies and political actors who have ever announced programs to support Croatia’s foster mother are being tested. Without further ado, the challenge is great, there are many open questions: Would tourism workers from developed parts of Croatia agree to stay in less comfortable accommodation such as apartments, B&B, boarding houses, rural households, small 3-star hotels? Could the congress and ceremonial part of the program, dinner, be held in a tent, such as in Bol on Brač? Could appropriate shuttle transport, perhaps accommodation and part of a congress program be arranged on a cruise ship on the Danube? Could the Slavonia cluster be unique in supporting a particular location that meets the most necessary conditions? Will the big hotel houses on the Adriatic allow “tearing off the sweet part of the cake” with which they regularly end the season?Where there is a will – there are ways, is an old saying. The initiative of a brave man who replaced the “lights of the metropolis” with the living space of the Slavonian plain, will come, I hope, to important people from Slavonia who can sit other people at the table and initiate the resolution of all issues related to this idea.It will be interesting to follow the further course of events in anticipation of the moment when one should move from words to deeds. Thank you Gorane for the initiative and persistence with which you are fighting for Slavonia.Nedo Pinezićlast_img

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