The importance of quality promotional video in tourism

first_imgUnder the motto “The best service in Zadar”, the travel agency Terra Travel has been taking care of guests coming to Zadar for 15 years. A successful business model as one of the largest travel agencies can be thanked for immediately understanding, which is unfortunately still a rarity today, as the motive for coming is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and authentic content of the tourist destination.So through their business they focus on content rather than form and offer a full service. From accommodation services, transportation, congress organization, car rental, to the sale of various destination experiences through various tours and excursions, and since four years ago through nautical tourism. As Tomislav Fain, the owner of the travel agency Terra Travel, points out, guests want experiences, and we are here to offer them the best personalized service.The business decision to be based on smaller groups, ie personalized service, as well as the increase in the quality of performance brought them great growth in the past few years, and entering nautical tourism was a real hit. “As we have been dealing with tourism through the agency for 15 years, we were looking for something new and different in order to move away from classic tours as well as mass, ie in large groups, going by boat to the Kornati National Park. We wanted to offer our guests a personalized service with a focus on quality and experiences. So four years ago we started with the Sailing Croatia project, ie a one-day rental of sailboats, but as these are small groups of up to eight people, we focused on adding value and experience”Fain points out.Content, content and only authentic and unique content is a winning formula, and it is the focus on quality and additional content, not form, that has proven to be a winning combination “Our guests can get the basics of sailing, see the Kornati National Park in a private and more relaxed atmosphere, define the route themselves which is certainly more personalized than mass boat trips, and this proved to be a hit because tourists are delighted with the approach. Also, on board we have equipment for diving, fishing, kayaking so that tourists get a lot of experience in a relaxed atmosphere, learn to sail, ie get the basics of sailing and finally experience the Kornati National Park – all in one day.. ”Says Fain.That in this whole story about mass tourism, quality and personalized service are always sought and will be sought, is proven by the growth of the agency as well as nautical stories through the Sailing Croatia product and from year to year both demand and supply grow. “After four years, we have expanded our offer to one-day, two-day and three-day tours, so that guests come to Zadar for seven days, and spend two or three days on a sailboat, while the rest of the week they are accommodated in Zadar. “Tomislav Fain points out, and adds that the interest is growing from year to year, so their fleet of one sailing ship for eight people, today has grown into another motor boat and one wooden boat 16 meters long, and every year the fleet expands at least for one ship.Quality, not the lowest possible price For the purpose of promoting this interesting tourist story and quality additional content, a promotional video was made showing the beauties of the Zadar archipelago, which thrilled me and which is the motive for writing this article. The video simply attracts you and calls you to be a part of this story and experience. Again, it is based on people, ie on experience and emotions. It does not sell form, but content. It doesn’t sell sailboat rentals, but through the story it slowly draws you through moments and experiences that you want to be on a sailboat.It reminds me of the business concept “The Golden circle – Why, How, What “Simon Sinek who became famous as the most watched lecture, and later one of the most successful business books” Start with Why “. The concept is based on how people don’t buy products or follow leaders on the principle of what they do, but why you do it. So, they communicate first why, how and only in the end what they ultimately sell i.e. what is their product. (Why, How, What) and not the other way around. All through the prism of storytelling. We constantly revolve around telling stories because that is exactly what our tourism needs – to tell our authentic stories, and to be some bad copies of other tourist destinations. So a video or a picture must tell a story.Also, a very important message is quality and professional production. Always use professional services and watch the quality, not how to go as little as possible and record video with a mobile phone, because in the end the only thing that matters is the final product and the message. Of course, after shooting the video, it is necessary to invest in promoting it so that as many people as possible can see it, because we can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, everything falls into the water.The video for which I am writing this article, regardless of being promotional, can be freely classified as a breathtaking TOP video from Croatia, and I am sure that anyone who plans to visit Zadar and watch this video will be interested in being on “that” video.last_img

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