From selling vegetables to grow Zhu Chuhua opens his entrepreneurial life

through the constant struggle, but eventually in the home, in the city, selling vegetables business increasingly difficult circumstances, Zhu Chuhua resolutely decided to open their own vegetables entrepreneurial road, opened another round of your life. Into the city, to make money, buy a house settled, which was the town of Fuyang District, Zhu Chuhua hole in the heart of the city trilogy". 10 years of hard work in the city, won him the title of "vegetable king". For Zhu Chuhua, however, the entrepreneurial story has only just begun.

"the city has a chance, but the country has a different world." In 2011, Zhu Chuhua left Hangzhou, back to the village to try another life. He contracted a number of hills under the reclamation of land, running every day between the hills. Over five years later, he was ready to go on a big fight". Tuo Lu, cultivate land, open up wasteland, grow vegetables, the same is cultivated land, familiar with the way of the vegetable market, but they have a different future. Even more gratifying is that Zhu Chuhua, home because of his return, gradually changed.

, is the misty Moonlight Town

from the Fuyang town center hole of a vehicle from the road we take bread to go to the village road, bumpy road tractor. Around the mountains all the way up and down, bumpy for nearly 40 minutes, the car stopped at the top of a piece of open space. Zhu Chuhua jumped out of the car and said, "get off, we’re here."!"

there is a good harvest terrace, rape straw, piled up in the field, we like to smell a Qinglie oil. This is Zhu Chuhua this year, planting 80 acres of rape, but not simple: "this is not an ordinary rapeseed, rapeseed seed company of Hangzhou was scheduled, next year is the Hangzhou area of rapeseed seedlings."

2011 years since returning home, Zhu Chuhua has contracted more than and 400 acres of land under the bridge mountain town, is the largest local Alpine vegetable farmers. But this "home" road, go and do not look so clear now.

in the 90s of last century, Zhu Chuhua firmly locked in the goal of life in the city. He and two other villagers came to Hangzhou, began selling vegetables sales. From July to November, aimed at the local vegetable supply business, three people take turns to Hainan, Lanzhou and other places, vegetable dealers earn spreads to Hangzhou.

their efforts to get the best reward from the vegetable market, the first Gen gate, and then to three booths in the vegetable wholesale market, a more than and 40 square meters of shops, the annual sales of more than 25 million yuan, also won the "king of vegetables" title.

business is stable, Zhu Chuhua simply encouraged his son, his daughter into the city, but also in the vicinity of three kiosks near the market rented a house of more than and 120 square meters, opened a small restaurant. Two generations, recommended

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