Gen 3D investment californium background a lot of advantages

now, is very popular for the choice of 3D background wall. With the continuous improvement of our living standards, our demand for the home environment is also very demand. Californium Gen 3D background wall? Very advantageous choice. Join the CF Gen 3D background wall project, is also very powerful choice!

3D wall decoration and the general wall decoration different, it requires advanced production technology and technology. Love is the stone wall background? Love is 3D art stone wall, is in our local unique natural clay as binder, the crushed stone natural surface, adding activated carbon and other auxiliary, multi-channel through raw material premixing, constant pressure, high temperature, artistic effect and other complex refining processes, without any chemical reagent that is the pure natural green decorative materials.

Gen 3D

CF background wall is how much fee?

Gen 3D

CF background wall in the decoration industry is so hot, and the relevant characteristics of its own, CF Gen 3D has a strong background wall art effect, texture, give a person with visual enjoyment. The surface effect is high or low, or bright or dark, cleverly endowed with the product to dynamic, life and vitality. Exquisite workmanship, each piece of products have manual processing, not only products, but also a work of art, completely beyond the effect of ordinary tiles.

Gen 3D

CF background wall? High quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very reliable choice. Join a 3D CF background wall? Have the advantage of choice. If you are to join a 3D CF background wall project is very interested in. Come and leave a message!

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