What is the difference between all stores and outlets

if you want to go on the road to join, naturally also need to have a better understanding of the market, so as to give their choice to provide a more powerful protection. So, what is the difference between the store and the store? Let small make up a simple analysis, so that your entrepreneurial success probability is higher.

The so-called

is to join the organization, the service mark authorized to join the Lord, let franchisees can use to join the headquarters of the image, brand, reputation, in the business of the consumer market, to attract consumers. And join in the business before the Lord, the headquarter will first will own experience, professor to join the Lord and assist business, both parties must sign a contract to join, in order to achieve the earnings of career for a common goal and cooperation; the headquarter is due to join different to join the main charge franchise fees, deposit right and gold.

stores to store those who specializes in sales of certain products, these products have strong correlation, or the same brand of goods, or a series of special goods, stores are generally very pay attention to store decoration, in order to give people the feeling, unified image quality. For example, the sale of goods with the traditional characteristics of the shop layout, outstanding classic beauty; sell fashion, trendy products, modern decoration shop. At the same time, stores provide more services than other stores, such as consumer advice and recommendations.

franchise stores and the difference between:

Direct stores and stores are the two main forms of consumer terminals, direct shop is opened directly by the manufacturer, and the store is the interests of the community to recruit manufacturers. Two the relationship between them is like a half brother, good may very well, but most stores seem inevitably some bumps, become friends.

joined the venture capital can not simply choose a brand can cooperate, also need to have a more comprehensive understanding, to create greater success so that it can be in such a of risks in the industry. So, with a brief introduction of the above, now you know the difference between the store and the store?

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