Huangyuan community obstacle free services for the people’s livelihood

they all walk club, it is in the West Series nonstop, to understand the people’s livelihood, poll; they were always concerned about three, orphans and disabled people, do my best to make them comfortable living in the sun; although they are not the dignity of the judge, but it can break the Qing said do not clear the housework…… They walked into the hearts of the people, the people affectionately call them the family, as the most solid support!

drizzle failed to block the majority of residents in Huangyuan County evening star civilization to participate in the voting pace. In June 9th, jointly organized by the Huangyuan civilized county propaganda department, county office, County Civil Affairs Bureau, Chengguan town government in the evening star civilization community awards concert in Huangyuan, the grand opening in the Junggar Dan City Museum Square, thousands of residents in 7 communities of Chengguan town came to his mind for the Star Community vote, wet their clothes, but they do not care, the cold temperature rapid warming in the enthusiasm of the infection.

government attaches importance to community building

7 community

all in Huangyuan County Chengguan Town, in recent years, the county government attaches great importance to the work of community construction, in the fine management mode, the community develop ideas of innovative services, the overall quality of the community full-time workers has also been greatly improved than before. At present, the 7 towns community facilities complete, the establishment of the office, library, party room, equipped with office furniture, computer, TV, set-top boxes, DVD and other equipment, community one-stop service hall, the integration of all the grassroots public service resource management, set up an open window, the implementation of one-stop office, all in one service, zero distance reception, zero barriers, provide efficient and convenient services for the masses.

cultural activities highlight the feelings of people’s livelihood

activity when it was raining, some residents of the county live far to walk forty or fifty minutes to get to the museum square, but residents or early in the morning to jubilant with umbrellas, carrying a stool came from home. The drizzle, community workers and residents Zibianziyan show a beautiful melody lingering leisurely, moving dance flying in the wind, for their wonderful performances show their community style. The residents of the audience were admiring the umbrellas, and some residents threw their umbrellas aside in order to make the most of them…… Residents said that in recent years, the improvement of community facilities, library, room conditions are getting better and better, with more cultural, entertainment and fitness venues, so that residents can enjoy the fruits of community building. Community cultural activities to let everyone amateur life more and more rich, now the contradictions between residents less, smile more, life is getting a taste, everyone on the community’s identity is stronger today, we just want to come rain behind their;

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