Municipal Party committee to Xing five winds theme activities help create city work

in Xining to further implement the construction of civilized Qinghai mobilization and create a national civilized city work conference spirit, further enhance the city’s Communist Youth League organizations actively involved in creating the city’s work enthusiasm, recently, the municipal Party Committee for the city organizations at various levels arrangements "let civilization into life" – "Xing five wind" theme of practical activities, to guide the masses young people develop a polite, diligent and good reading, thrift, honesty and kindness love good habits, for me, "12th Five-Year" a city development and boost luster.

Daxing civilized etiquette wind. to talk about the civilized tree new wind activities as the starting point, to guide the majority of young people know the honor and disgrace, Ming Festival, so that the Ming, salute, respect for the ceremony, the ritual became a common social atmosphere of youth. One is the construction of youth with government agencies for the purpose of strengthening the humanities education of youth, youth cadres and workers with practical action to regulate themselves, lead to progress, the staff of the young cadres become civilized etiquette reflected and disseminators. The two is to carry out "do civilization Xining" theme, the theme of civilized life, civilized etiquette speech broadcasting and other activities, actively spread the Chinese civilization, educate and guide the young get rid of bad habits, develop good habits of civilization to the. The three is to enhance young people’s civilization quality and moral level as the goal, to guide the students to strengthen self-cultivation, improve personal moral quality, the formation of a harmonious campus atmosphere of solidarity, equality and fraternity. The four is to create the "youth civilization", "youth civilization taxi" civilization post as a platform, and carry out the civilized etiquette education, the popularization of etiquette knowledge, and strive to create a "youth service, contributing to society" the harmonious atmosphere in enterprise.

Daxing study and study the wind. education to guide young people to read and study as a spiritual pursuit, a kind of responsibility and a kind of attitude to life, with their own good study and study of the wind to lead the whole society to form a study of the wind. One is to establish and consolidate the position, strengthen the summer youth forum, red scarf house (frame) as teenagers to learn the position of construction, and actively build reading forums and other types of learning and communication platform, to provide protection for the construction of a learning society. The two is the classic anthology of reading activities and reading activities "scholarly xiadou", continue to enhance learning initiative, the majority of young people studying enthusiasm, and guide young people to develop a good habit of love reading, reading good books, make learning become a way of life. Three is the "family learning", "learning individual" and other kinds of activities to create, to achieve the study work, work study, and strive to create a young studious, studious, good at learning a good learning atmosphere.

Daxing thrift wind. pay attention to the cultivation of young people’s awareness of conservation, and actively spread the "green office", "low carbon travel" of environmental protection concept, advocating "save glory, waste shameful" fashion. First, to carry out the "low carbon family · fashion life" theme of educational practice, and vigorously promote pollution reduction, recycling economy, ecological education;

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