first_imgBILL NEAL:10—Ring…Ring…­RIING…Yo, Smitty’s Bar and Grill.  You stab ’em, we’ll  slab ’em! Who? Donald who? Don Sterling. Oh, you mean “Big D – Pimp Daddy” yeah he’s here, but he can’t come to the phone right now. He’s tied up…No, I mean really, he’s tied up and he’s about to get beat up!  Well, all I can tell ya is this, he’s been coming here for years getting his ribs and getting his swerve on with Temeka, Little Boo, and LaLa and them, but after all the crazy talk he put down last week, some of the fellas thought he needed a little more than being banned from the league!  And he might have been ok till he slammed “Magic Johnson”…c’mon man, you know we can’t have some old White fool disrespecting “The Magic Man!!!”  I don’t know when he can talk…but he’s 82 and the whooping he’s got coming . . . he may not talk again…hello…hello…click!:09—So you just forgot about “war” huh?  How do you forget about “war?” Well do yourself a favor and pull it out.  “The Cisco Kid,” “Slippin into Darkness,” “Music is What We Like to Play,” c’mon man!last_img

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