“I manufacture freedom for women”

first_imgJESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELA (DIARIO AS) “I manufacture freedom for women,” says Eman Joharjy while looking with mother’s eyes a garment on the table of the sewing workshop of his shop. It is a kind of long-sleeved hooded jumpsuit that came out of his head in 2007. And of your need. “I always liked doing sports on the street, but with a normal abaya (black dress to the feet) it was impossible for me“. Running, the bike. Then an adaptation was invented. Respecting Saudi rules but comfortable, allowing him to do sports on the street, blue and not black. He had just been born The sports abaya. The garment that Eman looks at. Today He lives from his production and has seven employees.“In 2007, when I started, it was impossible to go outside to run without a abaya. Now there is a greater margin to dress. “ For three years, with Prince Mohamed Bin Salam. Of his hand The country is opening towards what is Doha, United Arab Emirates. If football has mixed women and men in the stadium in this Super Cup, since 2018 they can drive and, since December, segregated entries are not mandatory, although in many places they remain and 11 activists, Amnesty International denounces, remain in jail for defending the rights of Saudi women. Eman tries to do it from clothes, his shop, sports. Dressed completely western, drives a large gray car, puts the heart to each of the abayas that have followed that first of 2007. “Women love it. They love it!”. Account that there are photographers who buy them in Jeddah because it gives them freedom of movement at work He says there are mothers who ask them to run after their children. Note every day more demand. “I have offered women a way to live a normal active life.” Be sporty “And there is more and more that run down the street.” The garments do not lack details. Helmet and mobile pockets, reflective at night, cycling model, fabric dry fit. Black and blue, green and gray. They are sewn by men, she designs and sells them. They cost 500 riyales (€ 125) and are sold in Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca and on-line. And every day they look more like women at the wheel.last_img

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