Command traffic cleaning snow Xining traffic police work together to ensure peace

the morning of January 5th, a late winter snow in Xining city for a long time to dry the air suddenly moist, thin snow on the road to the vehicle and pedestrian travel inconvenience, the reporter learned that, on the same day, Xining city traffic police department and urban management departments to take timely measures to protect pedestrians and drivers travel safety.

although the snow is not thick, but part of the road is still slippery road conditions. January 5th morning, the reporter in the East and West Street in Xining, North Gate slope, small Simon and other roads to see, Xining city traffic police department and urban management departments have to go on the road, directing traffic, sweeping snow. Wang Wei, deputy director of Xining traffic police detachment, said in an interview with reporters, after entering the winter, Xining road traffic safety situation is generally stable. In order to cope with possible rain and snow weather, the traffic police department and the urban management department to establish a contingency plan mechanism. It snowed today, Xining city traffic police detachment and the police brigade were to line the road duty, alerting the driver to slow down, and put up signs in dangerous sections, the maintenance of the road traffic safety, accident prevention.

at the same time, Xining City West District sanitation service company’s leadership arrangements for the day of the clean-up work. The original 7 shift home sanitation workers cleaning the snow day full employment. At the same time, Xining City District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of urban management law enforcement unit and the district office to urge the shops along the street operators, the implementation of the "three packs of" responsibility system, the door before the snow.


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