Rüstü’s wife explains how the coronavirus is affecting her

first_imgIsil Reçber, the wife of the former Turkish soccer player who played in the Barcelona, Rüstü Reçber, explained through Instagram what is the status of her husband, whose condition has gone from severe to stable due to the coronavirus: “The past 72 hours have been difficult and I hope we will improve. Thank you infinitely to everyone who is with us.” The woman who was a doorman has explained step by step the symptoms she has had, explaining that she has never seen anything like this: “This is the battle of a living being against a virus that has changed in size and does not know the human body. Do not try to see the symptoms as in a normal cold because you will waste time. As with everything, detecting it early is very important. It does not stay in the throat and nose for days, but moves quickly to other places. It settles quickly in the lungs, multiplies and pneumonia begins. So the first 72 hours are very critical. Rustu had a fever for days and hours like malaria. Strange symptoms that have never been experienced or seen before. Lips and skin turn gray, you breathe fast, you have trouble breathing, an endless cough, an irregular pulse, and you don’t speak. Maybe You may not like it, but this is what we experience step by step. They are my observations. “Finally, Isil asked people to remain calm despite the health authorities being overwhelmed: “The media is raising awareness, but unfortunately the hospitals are full. Everyone has a family and everyone is a person. Stay calm and stay home.”last_img

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