Broadband Qinghai information consumption to complete the investment of 5 billion 417 million yuan

reporter from the Provincial Communications Authority was informed that the first half of this year, our province "Qinghai · broadband information consumption;" the work of the relevant units to thoroughly implement the "guiding opinions on" Qinghai promote the construction of broadband information consumption, fully implement the "2014-2020" broadband Qinghai · digital Qinghai "strategic planning", "Qinghai province to promote information consumption development planning", to achieve more than half the time more than half of the task.

first half of the year, "Qinghai · broadband information consumption;" completed investment 5 billion 417 million yuan, accounting for 10 billion of the annual plan of 54.17% yuan, of which: information and communication industry investment 4 billion 410 million yuan, the municipalities (state), the provincial units completed a total of 1 billion 7 million yuan. The province’s information consumption reached 13 billion 93 million yuan, accounting for the annual plan of $24 billion, accounting for the province’s total GDP of 12.25%, an increase of 15.03%, pulling the province’s economic growth of 1.69 percentage points. Among them: the communications business income of 2 billion 890 million yuan; electronic information manufacturing and software industry revenue of $2 billion 950 million, the completion of the information service consumption of 6 billion 308 million yuan; information terminal product consumption of $945 million.


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