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first_img– Ron Watson Arleta Let’s build the fence Re “Bush asks Congress to OK $1.4 billion aid to Mexico” (Oct. 23): President Bush wants to give Mexico $1.4 billion of our taxpayer dollars. After his meeting with Bush, Mexican President Calderon had the gall to say the U.S. is not doing enough to stop the flow of arms and etc. “southward.” Let’s stop the flow northward and use the $1.4 billion plus the $50 million planned for the other Central American countries and build the fence. Let’s man it with the helicopters, surveillance planes, drug-sniffing dogs, etc., that were to be sent to Mexico. Drones (the Predator would be fun), and the military would also help stop the flow northward. – Carol Milton Woodland Hills Ours do inhale Re “Supervised injection site for addicts weighed” (Oct. 19): So, San Francisco is trying to create an injection site where addicts can “shoot up” heroin, cocaine and other drugs. One need only take a look at L.A.’s City Council at City Hall to see how effective that program’s been. – Bruce Jones Eagle Rock Fires With all these fires, where were our elected leaders – before this started? Every year, all the fire chiefs warn them when and where there will be major fires, yet their calls are never heeded by our so-called leaders. The politicians always seem to have plenty of money to spend on their futile wars on drugs, and even more on futile wars with other countries. Why do we have 100,000 National Guard troops, and several hundred thousand military troops, if not to help in such emergencies? Clearly, these could be deployed as needed ahead of the known fire paths, instead of sitting on their bottoms waiting for somebody’s next war to start. The real war is right now, folks. Look out your backyard. – Richard Borbely Simi Valley Actually visit Re “Council payroll” (Your Opinions, Oct. 19): I am sure Councilman Zine’s office gets several thousands of letters and even more phone calls, on a daily basis. I have gotten up out of my easy chair and actually visited his office in Reseda and made friends with his staffers (Irma and others) who are always cheerily available with great advice and directives. With their help and the Neighborhood Watch meetings, my neighbors and I have cleaned up graffiti and furniture dumping, closed down a drug pickup corner, and generally improved our quality of life here in Reseda. When trouble arises, we have names of people who are readily available to come out and help us. City government works for us. However, letter writer Dave Mahar needs to drive over there and talk to real people. – Mary McMannes Reseda Our own drug abusers Re “Boo McCartney” (Your Opinions, Oct. 15): The writer blames the Beatles for introducing drugs to the USA. Let me inform him that the American entertainers were using marijuana and cocaine before the Beatles were born. (In case he did not know). – Alan Falconer Northridge160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Emergency taxation” (Your Opinions, Oct. 21): I enjoyed Winnetka Neighborhood Council President J.J. Popowich’s letter bemoaning “… elected officials not using neighborhood councils as the advisory panels they were established to be” when it came to the emergency phone tax scam. Such political naivet might be refreshing if his Pollyanna-ish view of L.A.’s city leaders’ contempt for the neighborhood council system didn’t mean more money out of his own pocket. The fact is, Popowich, you got your clock cleaned by a council of public trough-slobbering toadies and a slimy mayor who wouldn’t grant you any more consideration than he showed his own wife. Los Angeles has the representation it deserves. – Dink O’Neal AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.Burbank Just nuts Re “Bush asks Congress to OK $1.4 billion aid to Mexico” (Oct. 23): Why is President Bush giving Mexico $1.4 billion? Let’s see, we have how many hospitals that have closed? Aren’t we running low on water in some places? Didn’t someone say we need more money for the fence even though it was voted on – that’s another story? And for the drugs coming from Mexico, just build the fence first. And let’s see what happens. I mean let’s do something other than the same old thing that we all know will never work – throwing money at a country that is corrupt. last_img

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