Our province to promote the government website supervision

12 18, the provincial government held a provincial government website supervision work conference, proposed to further strengthen supervision, to promote the site of intensive construction, strengthen team construction, strengthen supervision and evaluation, insist on serving the transformation of government functions, services to enterprises and the public, comprehensively promote the province government website construction work to a new level.

to conscientiously implement the "on the strengthening of the government website construction advice" and "the Qinghai province government website management measures", in recent years, the provincial government attaches great importance to the government website construction work, and constantly improve the management system, promote the revision upgrades, strengthen content security, strengthen technical support, government website management more standardized, information disclosure and business services and the interaction of the three functions to further enhance the province’s government website construction work steadily. Government website supervision and coordination efforts to increase the effectiveness of effective measures, public and services continue to deepen and expand the use of new media to do a good job of information services, and achieved positive results.

government website is an important platform to promote open government, improve the level of public services, close ties with the masses. It is reported that the next step, the province will further clarify the Government Office (room) is the first responsibility of the main government website construction and management level, is responsible for the construction of government portal websites and on the local government web site supervision and management, strengthen the cooperation with the network channel, planning, public security, security and other departments to strengthen on the government website, started construction, filing, maintenance, service, interaction, security, evaluation and supervision of shutting down. The establishment of the government website daily monitoring mechanism, timely discovery and settlement of the local area, the system of government website outstanding problems, ensure the normal and orderly operation of government websites at all levels. Continue to strengthen the linkage mechanism between the site, open up the various departments of the government website, strengthen resource integration and open sharing, enhance the site has a cluster effect, the formation of an integrated service network.

at the same time, user centric, service for the purpose, to fully integrate government information, realize the government information sharing, expand open government information and unified management, public services, online interactive communication and other functions, optimize the site intensive structure design, information classification, improve the effectiveness of government affairs, authority and completeness. Take effective measures to optimize and improve the organization, complete with strong government website work team. In addition, the supervision and evaluation of government websites into the cities (state) and provincial units of the target performance appraisal content, adhere to the daily inspection and year-end evaluation combined with the evaluation results to ensure objective and impartial, rational, according to. Actively use the third party assessment, etc., do a good job of government website construction and management of the assessment and supervision.


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