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With the completion of the commissioning of the 29 passenger terminal ticketing system, the province will be more than two passenger terminal will be formally implemented in mid December Internet ticketing. By June of next year, the remaining 17 passenger stations will be fully opened in the Internet Ticketing function, then, the province’s more than 46 passenger stations will be all over the internet ticket sales of more than three.

which passenger station can realize the network ticket?

how to buy the ticket?

if needed from the site ticket, you can enter the URL in the browser, or enter the "Chinese highway network ticket in the search engine" (www.bus365.com), or "Qinghai highway passenger ticket network" (qh.bus365.com). After entering the page, you only need to register a "my BUS365" account, log on, you can buy the ticket.

to buy tickets through the Internet, passengers need to travel to the originating station, through artificial window or in the station self-service ticket machine ticket.How do

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