mprove the health of the residents of the seven major health

The results show that the level of health literacy of residents in our country is 8.8%; the province is at a low level of 2.72%. In July 29th, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission issued the "Qinghai Province, vigorously carry out the national health literacy promotion action plan (2014 -2020 years)", clearly a period in the future of our province will focus on three aspects of the basic knowledge and basic skills of health concept, healthy lifestyle and behavior, and relying on the national health literacy promotion projects and basic public health services equalization project, innovation carrier, expand the mobile platform, and strive to improve the quality of the seven. Health literacy refers to the ability of individuals to acquire and understand basic health information and services, to use the information and services to make the right decisions, maintain and promote their health. Efforts to improve the quality of our province as seven: the form of a full range of communication to the public of the popularization of basic knowledge of health literacy and basic skills, enhance the scientific concept of health; the spread of rational use and scientific medical knowledge, enhance the acquisition and use of medical and basic public health service quality; strengthen the life style and behavior intervention, improve chronic disease the prevention and control of infectious disease prevention literacy; strengthen health education according to law, enhance the infectious diseases and endemic disease prevention literacy; popularization of maternal and child health, eugenics, reproductive health knowledge and skills, improve maternal and child health literacy; Tibetan Mongolian traditional culture to promote, enhance the Tibetan medical health care quality; comprehensive implementation of tobacco smoking performance, enhance public awareness of the quality of tobacco.  

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