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medical industry of Shanghai dragon competition can be said to be very fierce, this made the hospital website of Shanghai Longfeng are relatively clear, love of Shanghai, it is not difficult to find, take a look at the "male hospital" the keywords love Shanghai index:

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saw a lot of several hospital sites at home are added to the online consultation system that, as long as there are people who visit the website will pop up a similar message box. If the hospital website templates are similar, not only in the form of a pop-up box on the website with online consultation system a few visitors, the more tangled pop-up box is also closed off. This is on the surface in order to facilitate patient counseling, improve the user experience of the website. In fact, you think, this is not good. Bore the page is too confusing. This is a kind of compulsory user experience, but also have the hospital site uses a relatively simple form:

I think this design is better, but the content should be placed in a conspicuous location site. For example: the main site navigation, or on the site on the left side of the page with a floating box in the form, the user experience is the principle of empathy. The user experience it is to let users cool things, not to let the user how mandatory. Always let the user passively must be annoying, and losing the user. To try to let users the most willing to accept. Well I also speak generally, how to let the user experience is also reflected in the web page we need to seriously consider the

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today I want to talk about the hospital website user experience, since it is the hospital website, so visitors are patient or to consult some kind of disease. The user experience of the website is a problem all Shanghai dragon but most practitioners a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the theory, specific how to operate? How to improve their website to improve the user experience, reduce the rate of jump out ". As few people used to explain these examples. First, users need a web site operator to think. Second, the user experience needs according to the user needs continuous improvement. The author analyzes several hospital website, found a common problem:


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