n 2011 the station group and the decline of the second rank second high weight platform


essence: from 4 last year, 5 L-carnitine station group, love Shanghai station group suffered bullying, all stations all stations software emerge in an endless stream, bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Of course, this is not love Shanghai style, I can let you play, so quickly after adjustment nonsense. Reduce the weight of the chain points, high weight chain plus still cattle X. Low power chain points reduced, a short time can not lead to new weight lifting weights, and influence the love of spiders in Shanghai every day and Shanghai day love crawling the upper limit of the number of pages included in the upper limit of the number of. So, garbage stations love Shanghai not included or included less low weights of the domain name is the essence of love Shanghai spider love Shanghai and limit the number of low limit low included page number.

hits the simple explanation, if N users search for "Mo North", in Shanghai in the search results directly click on the third ranked site, more than second ranked site, Shanghai ranked third in the love that is more relevant website. (this factor can love Shanghai directly monitoring data and analysis)

two: one day a keyword ranking floating, the website chain rarely a word ranking than some high weight stand.

has imperceptibly in the industry to do so for a long time, if not some experience then I guess I want to spray yourself, so today is for some simple tips.

essence: user behavior analysis of love in Shanghai, ranking for small amplitude adjustment. The influence factors include, click and jump out rate.

three: by the high weight platform ranking flood, high weight platform is the second ranked second.

phenomenon: dumpster love Shanghai not included or included less.

essence: This is a disadvantage of love Shanghai weight algorithm, is a bug. People use the bug in this year made a substantial RMB. Say a love is the essence of Shanghai to identify the content is not so smart, in the super high weight website just issued a document >

directly affected the click rate, the title of the wording and description method.

directly affects the bounce rate factors, the content of the website is the website speed, website experience etc..

bounce rate explain, if N users search for "Mo North", in the love of Shanghai in search results, open the first and third ranked results, directly off and then browse the page ranking the first site, N ranked third in the multi page browsing web pages, with the sea will think ranked third more correlation. (this factor can love love Shanghai, Shanghai statistical tools to detect and analyze

high weight platform such as: Post Bar, watercress, Youku, potatoes, major XX, all stations. General random duplicate content can be included under the key words, the ranking.

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