Novice book how to get rid of the plight of negative information

fourth, the use of a

Er all know that the search engine results page will repeat and repeat domain filtering, so when you encounter negative information, first try to search engine website conspicuous show off, the most direct way is to contact QQ and telephone contact, finally gave him a lawyer’s letter. If there is no fix, so had to use technical means.

when you find a negative article, know that the Internet is widespread, so you have to look at how much the same. If many, dozens of hundreds of articles, so that the negative article has a long history, if you go to pay this fee will be deleted, not low, but increasingly complex may lead to negative results, the reason you know. If not, you can consider.

first, search the title of

information is not a short duration of time to destroy the negative things, but also love Shanghai is the time to update, so be patient. Wait a few days to see if the observation, or wipe off, then write Cheng Qing Wen, again sending, of course to write the words, the negative and positive the PK, after writing to have the advantage.



if the above methods can not fix the negative information, it would have to pay to eliminate. This article from the original 贵族宝贝fzfcyy贵族宝贝/ Fuzhou modern maternity hospital, reprint >

4. in the Sina blog with the same negative information article, then registered 20 Sina blog to reprint, this is a little adventure, you should remember your blog ranking up to delete articles.

3. black hat techniques, hang black chain to all above blog and the article in the US have negative information website. No experience to sign forum irrigation.

as the Shanghai dragon, not only to enhance the flow of the company’s website, but also to maintain the company’s brand image. But in the fierce competition in the market, often appear malicious peer competition problems, namely the release of negative information to influence our image, must have experienced colleagues must hate it. The iceberg today to share with you how to measure the negative information.


1. for the highest accuracy of the original title of Article 10, to start sending the blog and classification of information.

Wait a moment, Shanghai show loveShanghai dragon

2. in the negative information website similar articles.

love Shanghai

third, the Shanghai dragon

if Shanghai Longfeng methods are unable to fix, so will only use love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia, know, library, love love map of Shanghai, Shanghai experience… Love Shanghai products can occupy many articles on the first page, and ranking are good, so should be used.

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