The website page tags tags to help Shanghai Dragon

tag function to increase the content of internal correlation website links to the website of the internal links play a role in optimization, ranking the web page link is compact, even if the page will also have a good number of links, the number of links are from the station to the. The search engine in the website is down URL’s website to all of the pages included, if there is no internal links these coordination, the included page number is not very ideal, in fact, its role is to summarize the relevant articles, form a good Sitelinks form help included and page ranking.


and do not say it in the ranking of the weight, to stand the perspective of the user experience, users see this article, adding Tags Related words, users can quickly down the keyword connected to the relevant contents of the directory list. Convenient for users to query data.

said so much, I think we all know that Tags in Shanghai dragon or user experience point of view, are very helpful.

If the Keywords

everyone on the internal links in the Shanghai Dragon technology must understand its role, sometimes even more than the external links. A paging URL some portal site actually came in front of many of the domain name, the internal connection is one of the point, it is in the authority of the domain name.

sometimes we analyze some technical knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng, repeated observation, was able to observe its true role, otherwise the imagination is what can do well.

station in Shanghai Longfeng perspective

some people say that the search engines are not included tags tag, but we can see a good example.

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