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sum up, still have no content of depressed webmaster friends refers to the way, play to their potential, don’t always think about things that no one else is original, it will suffer a lot of online resources, the key lies in the Chinese good and bad. If there is no content, but it will not change. No power edit webmaster Friends >

some people say that the original thing itself is not the Internet things, he said that the. Who knows. There is only one problem we often have a headache, occasionally write a two article original simple, but more. Indeed for many webmaster feel powerless, one time, and the energy problem. Especially for new sites, in the premise of not updating weight under the original high weight station is often reproduced. A lot of friends every day in the site for the content of the original Xiangponaodai, back to the topic of this article is original and pseudo between errors in understanding, some people say is pseudo the others make only superficial changes. After my long time test and actual observation, the original is false. Why do you say, I listen to reason the way. Believe it or not, don’t spit, don’t hit. Only represent personal views and feel the top, not waste a few minutes when the right eye.

even if I site is all pseudo original, as long as well, so you can get the favour of search engine. As for the practice of course is not that simple online title changes, synonymy, paragraphs disorder, a few as a practice. It is not false, it is garbage. True false is actually, how to do, very simple, just need a certain text foundation, not the contents as a boring way, carefully, fully read the whole content, draw its essence, to express their views. The appropriate additions and deletions, standing in the position of the user to rewrite. This is the original article that came out.

search engine to the reality of society and life, life entity for the website entity goods for web content. Like A, B, C three supermarket. This is the three different theme of the site, which sells goods for the content of the website. A, B, C three supermarkets are selling apple A, WAL-MART. B is run, C is my own small supermarket. The same was selling apples, do not let me sell search engine? It’s not realistic, we cannot Profane Love Shanghai engineers wisdom, they must take into account this problem. The key is to look at how to sell, A is the gateway to the station, you sell your imported apples, do not I sell my local apple? The key lies in the customer’s choice (that is, of course, a large supermarket site) nature in the heart of customers have a certain authority, but I store things is not worse than you. In view of this, so you don’t worry about false original will affect the weight of the website. The key is how to do.

and the pseudo original original for the two Shanghai dragon friends is no longer strange words, but really grasp the essence of how many people? What between the original and the pseudo decision? This is the real problem that we need to face the.

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