How to solve the website snapshot lag easily


(3), the recent emergence of Web site keywords stack phenomenon.

Check the cause

when we identify the reasons for specific problems is to find a solution to the specific. This small side summed up some concrete measures:

(4), the website Links problems by garbage Links effect.

website snapshot lag is undoubtedly love Shanghai because of love of Shanghai greatly reduced the website of the friendly, friendly and falling in love with sea to reduce the degree of reason is undoubtedly the following:

(2), original content website, the less poor readability, the content and the website is not relevant.

(4), check the site every day Links, found that the problem Links must be timely deleted. In addition to the exchange of relevant industry Links. This can let love Shanghai spider think your site more professional, also can increase the website keyword density.


(1), long time not update or update daily capacity and more and less.

snapshot lag

to find out the reason

(2), website update to focus more on the user experience and usability. Remember: only the user needs, in order to retain every user.

(5), site outside the chain of quality or quantity is low, the chain and site theme poor correlation.

from the above we can see that the site every day included normal, but the site for 11 days snapshot lag, but in a month before the observation, found a small side, love Shanghai Friday big update, the site of the Shanghai love will also be normal snapshot update, but every time lag of 7 days or 11 day. But other aspects of the site are all normal. The article released every day is still the "second". However, how can we solve the website snapshot lag love Shanghai situation? Here, the senior site optimization engineer, marketing planning edge in the storehouse of personal experience to help you solve the snapshot lag.

(1), update the original article or high quality pseudo original article, update the number of articles to be unified, avoid suddenly more and less.

observed in recent months of optimization, senior Shanghai Longfeng, promotion planning positions along the edge and found a strange phenomenon: a large number of websites appeared not to update the website snapshot of the phenomenon, in the SO fashion information network for example: www.***贵族宝贝, website status as shown below:

(3) find keywords to stack page, modify the page. If Title and Description above the site keywords stack, must be a little to change, can not avoid the substantial changes to the site title and description part.

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