Optimization of dotting let the user experience and search engine optimization perfect unity

, a user needs first, with the content of high quality user feedback

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process of the website, there is often a misunderstanding, is to optimize the user experience and search engine completely in opposition, that if the search engine optimization effect on the user experience will be affected, in order to get the best optimization effect, need all around the search engine, to love Shanghai baby or noble preferences as all the highest order optimization, and put the user experience in the position of little importance. In fact, this approach is too extreme, easily lead to eventual loss of website the most core competitiveness and the value of the target users, this kind of thought not at the actual process of Shanghai dragon.

for the site, in the optimization process, should be to enhance the user experience as a clue to carry out the work of the Shanghai dragon, put it as a compass and guide the optimization, it is better to do search engine optimization, make the user experience and search engine optimization win-win. Specifically, you can start from the following aspects:

in fact, the search engine is for customer service, the webmaster can not ignore the relationship between the fundamental task, search engine or the value of existence is to help users from the vast ocean of information to find the user most in need of information, so the algorithm in search engine or the user needs as the core set the purpose is for users to filter out the high quality information and their priority is recommended to the user. Understanding this, believe that the webmaster will understand, in fact, to search engine optimization of Shanghai dragon was closely linked with the user experience, the two can be perfectly uniform.

user visiting a website, web page is most afraid of chaos, advertising flying everywhere, columns confusion, can not find the information content you want, this site for search engines is also a mess, especially the page design and structure on the site, if chaos is difficult for spider grab. Therefore, in order to allow users to use the site easy to use, search engine spiders crawling in Web sites need to smooth, from.

two, users love simple, search engines also need concise

After a

to get user acceptance and love a website to see the website can give users what, what can bring benefits or benefits to the user, which will allow the user to make a choice to give up or support, mutually beneficial relationship between network and users is to optimize the foundation. So, we should respect and meet the needs of users, to provide high quality information to their concern, to the user, or indeed help provide information resources. This is to allow users to truly benefit, also is to let the search engine "benefits" approach. With good content of these search engines that will make it as the research object, recommended to the user through investigation, site ranking, user traffic will be Everfount.

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