HTML code optimization in Shanghai Longfeng should pay attention to the details of what

! The following

;     2, < meta name=" keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " >       3, < meta name=" keywords" content="; academic, worry free network " />       4, < meta name=" Keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " />

name is this property is the use of capital. Remember a law, can try to lowercase lowercase, you must not suffer.

    1, < META name=" keywords" content=" academic, worry free network " >

The following

second written, if it is in HTML4.0, so I’m not going to say what, because he is such a standard, and if Shanghai Longfeng carefully look at many sites are using XHTML1.0, so that it is illegal to writing W3C rules. Many of my friends to the

third version still is not correct, because the provisions of the official single label is the need to use space and slash said end >

this time, we read some of his book. Among them, almost every book problems. This certainly can hardly be avoided, but as an occupation of the Shanghai dragon should pay more attention to some details.

so what will happen? Some search engine technology does not work, we do not rule writing, and wrote the description tag will appear in the SERP code. Because you don’t have to tell the search engines where the end of the label.

, we speak some of the details found recently to talk about.

meta tag XHTML1.0

we first look at the first writing, the first writing meta tag is the use of capital, and the provisions of the official website of W3C is lowercase, uppercase violates the provisions of W3C, and we have a lot of Shanghai dragon website almost all uppercase, not only the use of the meta label is capitalized, and

a lot of people see the website to modify the code, this is correct, just DOCTYPE tags have you seen? This website is for HTML4.0, or XHTML1.0? Don’t tell me you don’t understand this, never see this. We still see

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