How to improve the rate of return site

two: from the content on the website


four: from the interaction with the visitors to

in addition to a visitor attraction of the content, you also need a clear path to your visitors can quickly find the content they want. You can start from your site navigation station, the visitor’s point of view, to see what the access path will look uncomfortable, then make the corresponding adjustment, the key is not to let your users through the three directory to find what you want.

if you can have a positive interaction with you if you believe the visitors, visitors will go back to come to your site. There is, in this respect, you can actively participate in the comments or positive reply to your visitor message, if you are using the WordPress website, I suggest you use this plugin comments subscription through the plugin on your site as long as there are people in the above message, you can receive mail notice that.

: we can use RSS mail tool

content of the website is the most direct method to attract visitors to a site, if there is no solid content and a continuously updated fresh content, I believe that no visitors will go back to your site. We should start in the content and relationship in the content of the original, this site is the key to attract repeat visitors, update the content furthermore is quantitative timing, Zhu Ziqing’s poem: "how can it be so clear, as has the springhead." Is the same for a site for the update site if you can’t quantitative timing of words, that your site even if the original content again is a pool of stagnant water.


according to the optimization of several years of experience of the author, for the Internet, we can describe it is a constantly changing the rules of the game. As long as the master of the rules of the game, you can so handy in the network. We do stand many people often indulged in how to find new visitors, but ignore the return visitors. In fact, this problem to increase traffic to the site, the most correct way is to ensure visitors constantly looking for new visitors back rate case. This is some large portal site can cause such a success. Then as a webmaster we can look to improve the rate from the visitors to the site through what


three: from the site navigation

to improve the return rate of a site that is a very powerful tool. This tool is simple it can be your list update you fried into mail, then to have registered on your site members. The past we want to complete this process is in need of a lot of time and energy, is the biggest advantage of this function can realize the automatic detection, automatic sorting site can automatically update the content, automatically send.


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