To explore the effective and invalid keyword keyword


first I say what is valid and invalid keyword keyword! The key words is that we usually optimize the site keywords, the customer through the search engine keyword can accurately open to query website. Keywords such as Suzhou indoor environment network is the "Suzhou indoor environment testing" we search "Suzhou indoor environment testing" search engine will automatically search to our website in Shanghai or GG! Such words we call it "the key words"

so what is called "invalid keyword"? I think many owners encounter such a situation in the background is not a goal! Some customers search keywords but it can be found on our website to buy our goods. Another example is that the Suzhou indoor environment! Keywords "Suzhou indoor environment testing" sometimes we can find some customers through the background, he is not directly search "Suzhou indoor environment testing" the keywords to find the door! "But where can we find the Suzhou search for baby hair" and the "Suzhou where! Can the baby hair cut is invalid because it" keywords and our website theme has nothing to me.

Huaian Shanghai dragon on this point is! Anyway "invalid keyword" since it brings to our website traffic, I think he is just the effective keywords, optimization and management of these words is not enough in-depth research, in fact, search Shanghai should love this is the truth! But what we discuss today is valid and invalid keyword keyword!! in the end there is no effect! You say


here is to discuss "where can Suzhou baby hair cut" whether or not it is a valid keyword? It is invalid, it is because he is not really what we want to optimize the word, say it, he really brings us traffic and users! Huaian these days in Shanghai dragon the problem on the prowler! On the current problems of us! These so-called "invalid keyword" how a management and optimization! After all this is a resource! Do you think about when your keywords quite hot! Your website optimization focus on what to do! But the long tail long tail! It is not good to do is it? (here we exclude PPC) now think of "invalid keyword" is not going to be the object of study you start


we all know! Is very important to select a new station keywords! Popular word okay! But if I can not say that a popular word! After the website optimization to choose keywords after all reasonable and scientific is very helpful! Today Huaian Shanghai dragon to say is keywords the keywords, effective and invalid keyword on

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