Analysis of four methods of inquiry platform outside the chain of breakthrough limit

two: the answer don’t modify

now the chain of high quality is more and more difficult to do, sometimes money can do well, even just done today, tomorrow is deleted, which has become the bottleneck of the development of the website, but I found that in fact the chain as long as the society for an idea, often there will be unexpected harvest. Where do the chain in the Q & a platform is the case, for example, Search ask, love Shanghai know, question and so on! Here I come to the summary of four break the quiz platform chain construction method

A lot of people in the know love!

platform release quiz, the purpose is to increase the number of the chain, but also to be able to attract some directional flow, but as everyone knows, know that the chain platform is not to add can be added, is the need to find Quxianjiuguo methods, such as in the questions, in the form of text writing on the name of your website, your website ranking of course corresponding to high, also is the natural love by Shanghai third party to the address of the curve to save your chain, for example in Shanghai love space inside, remember your site with blog site, and then in the Q & a section, add the love space in Shanghai blog site, Shanghai is not usually love to shield their chain, so you can play Quxianjiuguo, of course, for other platforms also can use this method!


answer the question must be very sincere, don’t simply leave the chain website, such obvious advertising is easy to shoot, so ask questions should be carefully prepared to do, and by different accounts, to gradually improve the answer, and finally to this problem to have a the evaluation, such as setting a best answer at the same time, the time in question, the same IP address.


for Q & a platform, registration vest is of great skill, do not think that a few more registered account can, if the account registration method is not correct, it is very easy to be found in Shanghai, resulting in the number of love, how to be frozen! So as not to be found registration vest? First of all to ensure that when the registration vest, or IP address, user name cannot be similar to the registered mail can’t use the same email, otherwise it is very easy to be found in Shanghai

may be a lot of people think that in the know platform has been through the examination of the answer can be changed, such as the original did not add the chain, now plus, think this can increase the site outside the chain, but this method can be said to be at great risk, in fact, at present that platform also has two audit if there is a problem, the answer will be modified, audit more stringent, and even lead to the answer can not pass, so when submitting answers, on the way to step

: Registration vest skills

three: add a link to the appropriate

four: answer the question must be sincere, helpful to the user to

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