The chain construction do do do the fine new wide

here has two meanings, one meaning of the same channel "wide", such as the familiar Shanghai Longfeng forum, in fact, hard to find to find, hundreds of Shanghai dragon related forum is not a problem, if every Shanghai dragon forum have your old account, if you do the Shanghai dragon second words, the meaning is different channel "wide", refers to a variety of chain channels are taken into account, such as the first paragraph of the chain channels, you can do it again every day? A lot of Shanghai Dragon Master also recently stressed the breadth of the chain, because the chain do extensive, one is can introduce spiders from different channels to two, it can prevent the love Shanghai update, the chain of large-scale loss. The egg is placed in a basket or a dangerous drop:

three ideas: do fine


forum, blog, B2B, classified information, directory submission for this kind of simple chain, the chain, started simple, simple operation, to do it every day, a person to do a 200300 chain is not a problem, the quantitative qualitative decision. The tree rules still apply, such as sales, even in poor communication skills, as long as he is willing to stop to see the customer, he can always sell products. The same applies in the search engine, a bigger amount, always included you outside of the chain, and piled up is very terrible.


It mainly refers to the

chain is to do something every day to Shanghai dragon ER, is one of the most important link, Shanghai dragon can not be ignored! The chain channels are also very much, including forum, blog, B2B, information classification, directory submission, soft, love Shanghai products, sprocket, social sharing, video, software tools, e-books, chain channels so much, how should we choose the appropriate channels? Many Shanghai dragon ER knows these channels, but also to do a little every day East West, do a little, not a good idea, and today I discuss several ideas for the construction of the chain:

thought: do

wide thinking

now the search engine algorithm of continuous improvement, foreign chain recognition ability is also improved, so also is the chain, you can do more exquisite. For example, the most simple forum outside the chain, and others in the post, you are, that can plan a fire, fire relatively, save a long time, generally keep 1,2 years will not fall, the chain general post preservation time is very short, post massive flood at that time, even if included, the next update will also remove the love of Shanghai. For example, in reply, replies are not necessarily see the stickers on the back, must have the vision, feeling each other’s posts are not have the potential to be a fire, or can be included, then in the number of replies is not more than 15, more than 15, you reply, your signature chain generally not included. For example, in the text, to some of the weight is not very high station, check easily through the chain, but this can only send a leave one, but the weight.


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