From the point of view of prevention about how to deal with the site is down right

optimization efforts hold very key


timely processing of website security work

website is the webmaster efforts and pay the crystallization of the site security is based website operation, so the optimization of the webmaster not every day in the site to do a website, the website security and backup work every day should be in place, especially the site backup, this is actually very common, but does have a lot of security and prevention awareness the owners tend to ignore this. Once the site was linked to horse or being hung black after a link can not be timely remedy to the website, this is the biggest threat to web site right down. In fact, every day we will spare some time to look at the site by site backup than a horse or was black and then save better, but also can reduce unnecessary trouble.

site is down right for most of the webmaster, is a very common situation over the Shanghai dragon or external rules adjustment, may cause the site is down right. There are many techniques to share the network, on the site down right after, take measures to restore the site weight. Take measures is important, but we go to understand and prevent the website down right emerges from what is necessary. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) can tell you a lot of details daily, make websites try to maintain a relatively stable state.

always check your Links

is the most Links website operation process, will have some. So hang on the site Links every day to do the inspection work seriously, if >

website right down most of the time is caused by the webmaster do not have a good grasp of the intensity of the optimization, website promotion operations in peacetime process must pay attention to a degree, to be aware of website promotion. Give recommendations to its overall operations with a plan and site plan, so even if the site weight drop unnecessary, we are more likely to notice before the full range of promotion operations which link and point problems, well targeted for revision and adjustment on the promotion mode of operation, not blind to the promotion of the website is getting worse.

In fact, the

site long-term operation, not over Shanghai dragon but also can not alleviate the website promotion efforts, such as the large fluctuations are the number and quality of the content of the website, or any collection of some content are likely to lead to site is down right here, try to keep a proposal to have the law, quality, promotion optimization the amount of the station outside the station, which in addition to the content of the website, a part of the chain is very important. So Xiaobian repeatedly stressed that efforts to do is very important, this technique only owners in the long-term practice, to understand it.

website promotion should be aware of


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